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12016Accessibility of ophthalmic healthcare for residents of an offshore island - An example of integrated delivery systemMING-CHIN YANG ; Chen, Li-Ju; Chang, Yun-Jau; Shieh, Chun-Fu; Yu, Jy-Haw; Yang, Ming-Chin journal article01
22010Comparison of Rx-defined morbidity groups and diagnosis- based risk adjusters for predicting healthcare costs in TaiwanNIEN-CHEN KUO ; KUO, NIEN-CHEN ; LAI, MEI-SHU; Chiou, Hung-Yijournal article2018
32013Comparisons of medical utilizations and categorical diagnoses of emergency visits between the elderly with catastrophic illness certificates and those withoutNIEN-TZU CHANG ; NAN-PING YANG; YI-HUI LEE; CHI-YU CHUNG; JIN-CHYR HSU; I-LIANG YU; CHIEN-LUNG CHANjournal article1815
42010Cost-effectiveness of human papillomavirus vaccination for prevention of cervical cancer in TaiwanPING-ING LEE ; LIU, PANG-HSIANG; HU, FU-CHANG; LEE, PING-ING ; CHOW, SONG-NAN; WANG, JUNG-DERjournal article2315
52015Do relationships exist between the scope and intensity of quality improvement activities and hospital operation performance? A 10-year observation in TaiwanKUO-PIAO CHUNG journal article10
62007Do the UK government's new Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) scores adequately measure primary care performance? A cross-sectional survey of routine healthcare dataYU-KANG TU journal article6144
72016Factors associated with emergency department visit within 30 days after dischargeCHIN-CHUNG SHU ; Wang, Chuan-Lan; Ding, Shih-Tan; Chen, Hsin-Fu ; MING-JU HSIEH; NIN-CHIEH HSU ; Hsieh, Ming-Ju; YU-FENG LIN ; Shu, Chin-Chung ; Hsu, Nin-Chieh ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Lin, Yu-Feng ; Chen, Jin-Shing journal article56
82010Healthcare costs associated with progressive diabetic retinopathy among National Health Insurance enrollees in Taiwan, 2000-2004LIN-CHUNG WOUNG journal article97
92010Is quality of colorectal cancer care good enough? Core measures development and its application for comparing hospitals in TaiwanNIEN-CHEN KUO; Wu, Ching-yi; Yang, Chieh-ling; KUO-PIAO CHUNG; Chen, Ming-de; Lin, Keh-chung; Wu, Li-ling; CHUNG, KUO-PIAO; CHANG, YUE-JAU; LAI, MEI-SHU; KUO, NIEN-CHEN; CHENG, SKYE HON-GIUN; CHEN, LI-TZONG; TANG, REI-PING; LIU, TSANG-WU; SHIEH, MING-JIUMjournal article1919
102014Patient severity matters for night-shift workload for internal medicine residents in TaiwanNIN-CHIEH HSU ; RAY-E CHANG ; MING-CHIN YANG journal article11
112010Price regulation, new entry, and information shock on pharmaceutical market in Taiwan: A nationwide data-based study from 2001 to 2004FEI-YUAN HSIAO journal article89
122009The impact on neonatal mortality of shifting childbirth services among levels of hospitals: Taiwan's experienceLI-KUEI CHEN ; Wang, Shi-Yi; Hsu, Sylvia H; Chen, Li-Kuei journal article20
132007The most dangerous hospital or the most dangerous equation?YU-KANG TU journal article119
142012Utilization of rehabilitation services for inpatient with cancer in Taiwan: A descriptive analysis from national health insurance databaseLin, Heui-Fen; JAU-YIH TSAUO ; Wu, Ying-Tai; Tsauo, Jau-Yih journal article54
152008Willingness to pay to sustain and expand National Health Insurance services in Taiwanjournal article87