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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
120132D barcode image decodingLin, J.-A.; Fuh, C.-S.; CHIOU-SHANN FUH Mathematical Problems in Engineering 3527
22014A Modified Harris Corner Detection for Breast IR ImageYEUN-CHUNG CHANGMathematical Problems in Engineering 65
32015A Novel Soundproof Ventilation Plant Design with High Performance and No Energy ConsumptionYu, Y.-L.; Chao, Y.-T.; Lee, L.-C.; Yen, J.-Y.; Fan, Y.-C.; JIA-YUSH YEN Mathematical Problems in Engineering 11
42016Effect of Element Size in Random Finite Element Analysis for Effective Young’s ModulusJIAN-YE CHING; JIAN-YE CHING Mathematical Problems in Engineering 1410
52013Engineering applications of intelligent monitoring and controlPING-LANG YEN Mathematical Problems in Engineering 10
62015Engineering applications of intelligent monitoring and control 2014PING-LANG YEN Mathematical Problems in Engineering 00