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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12009Approximate reliability-based design with general geotechnical models by stochastic simulationChing, J.; Chen, W.-Y.; Ching, J.; JIAN-YE CHING ; Chen, W.-Y.Georisk 00
22013Assessing SPT-based probabilistic models for liquefaction potential evaluation: a 10-year updateJuang, C.H.; Ching, J.; Luo, Z.; JIAN-YE CHING Georisk 250
32015Effective Young's modulus for a spatially variable soil mass subjected to a simple stress stateChing, J.; Tong, X.-W.; Hu, Y.-G.; JIAN-YE CHING Georisk 130
42013Probability distribution for mobilised shear strengths of spatially variable soils under uniform stress statesJIAN-YE CHING Georisk 530
52016Spatial correlation for transformation uncertainty and its applicationsChing, J.; Phoon, K.-K.; Wu, T.-J.; JIAN-YE CHING Georisk 90