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12011Assessing how heavy metal pollution and human activity are related by using logistic regression and kriging methodsLin, Y.-P.; Cheng, B.-Y.; Chu, H.-J.; Chang, T.-K.; Yu, H.-L.; YU-PIN LIN ; HWA-LUNG YU ; TSUN-KUO CHANG Geoderma 4042
22005Characteristics and genesis of Inceptisols with placic horizons in the subalpine forest soils of TaiwanWu, S.-P.; Chen, Z.-S.; ZUENG-SANG CHEN Geoderma 1718
32014Converting leguminous green manure into biochar: Changes in chemical composition and C and N mineralizationChen, C.-P.; Cheng, C.-H.; Huang, Y.-H.; Chen, C.-T.; Lai, C.-M.; Menyailo, O.V.; Fan, L.-J.; Yang, Y.-W.; CHIH-HSIN CHENG Geoderma 2330
42010Delineating the hazard zone of multiple soil pollutants by multivariate indicator kriging and conditioned Latin hypercube samplingChu, H.-J.; Lin, Y.-P.; Jang, C.-S.; Chang, T.-K.; YU-PIN LIN ; Chua, Hone-Jay; TSUN-KUO CHANG ; Lin, Yu-Pin ; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Chang, Tsun-KuoGeoderma 3332
52016Effects of phosphorous application on arsenic toxicity to and uptake by rice seedlings in As-contaminated paddy soilsLee, C.-H.; Wu, C.-H.; Syu, C.-H.; Jiang, P.-Y.; Huang, C.-C.; Lee, D.-Y.; DAR-YUAN LEE Geoderma 2227
62000Estimating the second-stage sample size and the most probable number of hot spots from a first-stage sample of heavy-metal contaminated soilHsiao, C.K.; Juang, K.-W.; Lee, D.-Y.; DAR-YUAN LEE ; Hsiao, Chuhsing Kate ; CHUHSING KATE HSIAO ; Juang, Kai-Wei; Lee, Dar-Yuan Geoderma 78
72014Identification of spatial distributions and uncertainties of multiple heavy metal concentrations by using spatial conditioned Latin Hypercube samplingLin, Y.-P.; Lin, W.-C.; Li, M.-Y.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Chiang, L.-C.; Wang, Y.-C.; YU-PIN LIN Geoderma 66
82016Landslide-induced changes of soil physicochemical properties in Xitou, Central TaiwanCheng, C.-H.; Hsiao, S.-C.; Huang, Y.-S.; Hung, C.-Y.; Pai, C.-W.; Chen, C.-P.; Menyailo, O.V.; CHIH-HSIN CHENG Geoderma 814
92010Pedogenic development of volcanic ash soils along a climosequence in Northern TaiwanTsai, C.C.; Chen, Z.S.; Kao, C.I.; Ottner, F.; Kao, S.J.; Zehetner, F.; ZUENG-SANG CHEN Geoderma 2125
102013Pedogeochemical characteristics of chromite in a paddy soil derived from serpentinitesHseu, Z.-Y.; Iizuka, Y.; ZENG-YEI HSEU Geoderma 2023
112013Soil organic carbon stocks in relation to elevation gradients in volcanic ash soils of TaiwanTsui, C.-C.; Tsai, C.-C.; Chen, Z.-S.; ZUENG-SANG CHEN Geoderma 5258
122014The joy of teaching soil scienceHartemink, A.E.; ZUENG-SANG CHEN et al. Geoderma 2332
132003Water infiltration rate in cracked paddy soilCHEN-WUING LIU Geoderma 4850