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12007A handheld device for potential point-of-care screening of cancerKang, CC; PEI-JEN LOU ; Chang, CC; Chang, TC; Liao, LJ; Lou, PJ; Xie, W; Yeung, EC.journal article330
22014A spatiotemporally defined in vitro microenvironment for controllable signal delivery and drug screeningKuo, C.-T.; HSIN-YU LEE et al. ; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; CHING-HUNG LIN journal article99
32014Advances in nanowire transistors for biological analysis and cellular investigationLi, Bor-Ran; Chen, Chiao-Chen; Kumar, U. Rajesh; Chen, Yit-Tsong; YIT-TSONG CHEN journal article3935
42015Determination of hematocrit by voltage-induced hemolysis on a disposable electrochemical sensing stripWeng, C.-W.; Hsieh, B.-C.; Hou, Y.-T.; Cheng, T.-J.; YUNG-TE HOU ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH journal article55
52016Functionalized HgTe nanoparticles promote laser-induced solid phase ionization/dissociation for comprehensive glycan sequencingPrimadona, I.; HUAN-TSUNG CHANGet al. journal article65
62011Gold nanoparticle probes for the detection of mercury, lead and copper ionsLin, Y.-W.; Huang, C.-C.; Chang, H.-T.; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG journal article280275
72016Gold nanoparticles as sensitive optical probesYuan, Z.; Hu, C.-C.; Chang, H.-T.; Lu, C.; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG journal article4546
82009Improved diagnostic accuracy of malignant neck lumps by a simple BMVC staining assayI-SHIOW JAN ; Liao, Li-Jen; PEI-JEN LOU ; Kang, Chi-Chih; Jan, I-Shiow ; Chen, Huei-Chin; Wang, Chiung-Lin; Lou, Pei-Jen ; Chang, Ta-Chaujournal article89
92014Interaction modes and approaches to glycopeptide and glycoprotein enrichmentChen, C.-C.; Su, W.-C.; Huang, B.-Y.; Chen, Y.-J.; Tai, H.-C.; Obena, R.P.; HWAN-CHING TAI journal article6869
102014Plasmonic nanoparticle-film calipers for rapid and ultrasensitive dimensional and refractometric detectionYu, C.-C.; Lin, K.-T.; Tseng, Y.-C.; Chou, S.-Y.; Shao, C.-C.; Chen, H.-L.; Su, W.-F.; WEI-FANG SU journal article00
112011Protein A-conjugated luminescent gold nanodots as a label-free assay for immunoglobulin G in plasmaShiang, Y.-C.; Lin, C.-A.; Huang, C.-C.; Chang, H.-T.; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG journal article3734
122013Sperm quality assessment via separation and sedimentation in a microfluidic deviceChen, C.-Y.; Chiang, T.-C.; Lin, C.-M.; Lin, S.-S.; Jong, D.-S.; Tsai, V.F.-S.; Hsieh, J.-T.; Wo, A.M.; JU-TON HSIEH ; DE-SHIEN JONG journal article2123
132016Vibrational spectroscopy of metal carbonyls for bio-imaging and -sensingLam, Z.; Kong, K.V. ; Olivo, M.; Leong, W.K.Review1514