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12013Association of Asef and Cdc42 Expression to Tubular Injury in Diseased Human KidneyHUI-TENG CHENG ; I Pu Juang; Liang-Chin Chen; Lih-Yuan Lin; Cheng-Han ChaoJournal of Investigative Medicine 55
22016The relation among aldosterone, galectin-3, and myocardial fibrosis: A prospective clinical pilot follow-up studyChe Wei Liao ; Lin, Yen-Tin ; Wu, Xue-Ming ; Chang, Yi-Yao ; Hung, Chi-Sheng ; Wu, Vin-Cent ; Wu, Kwan-Dun ; Lin, Yen-HungJournal of Investigative Medicine 911
32015The relation between the degree of left ventricular mass regression and serum potassium level change in patients with primary aldosteronism after adrenalectomyChe Wei Liao ; Chen, Aaron ; Lin, Yen-Tin ; Chang, Yi-Yao ; Wang, Shuo-Meng ; Wu, Vin-Cent ; Hung, Chi-Sheng ; Wu, Kwan-Dun ; Chueh, Shih-Chieh ; Lin, Yen-HungJournal of Investigative Medicine 6
42020U-shaped relationship between left ventricular mass index and estimated glomerular filtration rate in patients with primary aldosteronismMIN-TSUN LIAO ; 廖哲偉(Che Wei Liao) ; Tsai, Cheng-Hsuan ; Chang, Yi-Yao ; Chen, Zheng-Wei ; Pan, Chien-Ting ; Lin, Lung-Chun ; Wu, Vin-Cent ; Kuo, Shu-Fen ; Wu, Xue-Ming ; Hung, Chi-Sheng ; Lin, Yen-HungJournal of Investigative Medicine 01