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119891979年東亞梅雨候平均大尺度環流之變化特徵㏄ヲ畄; 朝礛; BEN JONG DAO JOU 大氣科學 
219961994年南台灣夏季午後對流之研究狶縌秢; 尝翬膀; HUNG-CHI KUO 大氣科學 
320052003年梅雨季MM5系集降水預報虏底; 琱舤; ㏄ヲ畄|狶↘絤; 瑇春; 拷获; BEN JONG DAO JOU 大氣科學 
42013An Analysis of the Extreme Dry Spells in Taiwan and Its Variations during the Recent One Hundred Years卓盈旻; 盧孟明 大氣科學 
52009Asian Summer Monsoon Simulated by 7 IPCC AR4 Climate Models卓盈旻; 盧孟明 大氣科學 
61995Characteristics of Low-frequency Distrubances in the Atmosphere during the Period of TOGA COARE IOP盧孟明 大氣科學 
72012Climate Variations in Taiwan during 1911~2009盧孟明 ; 卓盈旻; 李思瑩; 李清縢; 林昀靜大氣科學 
82012Climatic Natural Variability and Interdecadal Variation許晃雄; 羅資婷; 洪致文; 洪志誠; 李明營; 陳雲蘭; 盧孟明 ; 隋中興 大氣科學 
92009Cold Surges in Taiwan-A Critique of Using Taipei Station Temperature Only to Define the Events盧孟明 ; 李思瑩大氣科學 
102006C頻偏振雷達總傳播相位偏移差面積雨量估計法之研究Lei Feng; Ben Jong-Dao Jou; BEN JONG DAO JOU 大氣科學 
112007Detection of the Climatic Extreme Rainfall Events in Taiwan陳佳正; 盧孟明 大氣科學 
122017A downscaling Method for Predicting Taiwan Mei-yu Seasonal Extreme Rainfall Event Frequency Using a Large-Scale Southwest Flow Index卓盈旻; 盧孟明 大氣科學 00
132014East Asian Winter Monsoon and Taiwan Climate Real-time Monitoring and Analysis Applied to 2010-2013 Winters李思瑩; 盧孟明 大氣科學 
141997GFDL颱風預報系統對於1995年及1996年西北太平洋地區颱風測試結果評估Chun-Chieh Wu; Yu-Tseng Cho; CHUN-CHIEH WU 大氣科學 
151994GMS地球同步衛星影像數位資料在雲分析上的應用Po-Hsieng Lin; Chung-Yi Tseng; PO-HSIUNG LIN 大氣科學 
162003The January-March Precipitation in the Region of Asian-Australian Monsoon盧孟明 ; 麥如俊大氣科學 
172007Long-term Variations of the Occurrence Frequency of Extreme Rainfall Events during the Period of 1951-2005盧孟明 ; 陳佳正; 林昀靜大氣科學 
182003MM5系集降水預報之校驗Fang-Ching Chien; Yu-Chi Shao; Ben Jong-Dao Jou; Pay-Liam Lin; Ming-Jen Yang; Jing-Shan Hong; Jen-Hsin Teng; Hui-Chuan Lin; MING-JEN YANG ; BEN JONG DAO JOU 大氣科學 
192014Projection of Climate Change Over Taiwan Using Statistical Downscaling Scheme陳正達; 朱容練; 許晃雄; 盧孟明 ; 隋中興 ; 周佳; 楊承道大氣科學 
201994Smolarkiewicz正定義數值方法中的交錯項Tzay-Ming Leou; Hung-Chi Kuo; HUNG-CHI KUO 大氣科學