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11997A bit-level pipelined VLSI architecture for the running order algorithmLIANG-GEE CHEN journal article42
21997A delay damage model selection algorithm for narx neural networksTSUNG-NAN LIN journal article6655
32006A Functional Link Network with Higher Order Statistics for Signal EnhancementFEI-PEI LAI journal article1111
42000A generalized output pruning algorithm for matrix-vector multiplication and its application to compute pruning discrete cosine transformHuang, Yuh-Ming; JA-LING WU ; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Chang, Chi-Lunjournal article118
52003A method for the discrete fractional Fourier transform computationSOO-CHANG PEI ; Yeh, Min-Hung; Pei, Soo-Chang journal article4234
61995A New Class of Two-Channel Biorthogonal Filter Banks and Wavelet BasesSEE-MAY PHOONG journal article328271
71994A New Interpretation of “Polynomial Residue Number System”JA-LING WU journal article40
82010A new iterative algorithm for finding the minimum sampling frequency of multiband signalsSEE-MAY PHOONG journal article199168
92015A Novel Low-Complexity Precoded OFDM System with Reduced PAPRHSUAN-JUNG SU journal article4238
101998A novel MPEG audio degrouping algorithm and its architecture designLIANG-GEE CHEN journal article
111992A Novel Two-Stage Algorithm for DCT and IDCTJA-LING WU journal article34
121999A Refined Fast 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform AlgorithmHuang, Yuh-Ming; JA-LING WU ; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article3221
132005Adaptive Array Beamforming with Robust Capabilities Under Random Phase PerturbationsJU-HONG LEE ; Lee, Ju-Hong ; Cheng, Kuang-Pengjournal article86
142005An asymmetric subspace watermarking method for copyright protectionI-LIANG CHERN journal article3925
151993An Efficient and Simple VLSI Tree Architecture for Motion Estimation AlgorithmsLIANG-GEE CHEN journal article10479
162007An eigen-based TEQ design for VDSL systemsSEE-MAY PHOONG journal article10
171991An Fpt Algorithm With A Modularized Structure For Computing Two-Dimensional Discrete Fourier TransformsJA-LING WU journal article00
182005Antipodal paraunitary matrices and their application to OFDM systemsSEE-MAY PHOONG ; Phoong, See-May ; Member, Senior; Chang, Kai-Yenjournal article1817
191993Basis-Vector-Decomposition Based Two-Stage Computational Algorithms for DFT and DHTJA-LING WU journal article30
202003BER minimized OFDM systems with channel independent precodersSEE-MAY PHOONG ; Lin, Yuan-Pei; Phoong, See-May journal article131112