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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12012A New Frontier of Wireless Communications Theory: Diffusion-Based Mo-lecular CommunicationsP.C. Yeh; C.H. Lee; K.C. Chen; Y.C. Lee; L.S. Meng; P.J. Shih; P.U. Ko; W.A. Lin; KWANG-CHENG CHEN IEEE Wireless Communications 3327
22014Cognitive Radio Resource Management for Future Cellular NetworksS.Y. Lien; K.C. Chen; Y.C. Liang; Y.H. Lin; KWANG-CHENG CHEN IEEE Wireless Communications 7066
32012Intersection-Based Routing for Urban Vehicular Communications with Traffic-Light ConsiderationsJin-Jia Chang; Yi-Hua Li; Wanjiun Liao; Ing-Chao Chang; WANJIUN LIAO IEEE Wireless Communications 7260
42016RF-CoHetNet: An Architecture for Cognitive Heterogeneous Networks Powered by RF-EnergyYi-Hsuan Chiang; Wanjiun Liao; WANJIUN LIAO IEEE Wireless Communications 22
52004Two-Hop-Relay Architecture for Next Generation WWAN/WLAN IntegrationHung-yu Wei; Richard D. Gitlin; HUNG-YU WEI IEEE Wireless Communications 10672