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12005ATP: A Reliable Transport Protocol for Ad-hoc NetworksSundaresan, Karthikeyan; HUNG-YUN HSIEH ; Anantharaman, Vaidyanathan; Hsieh, Hung-Yun ; Sivakumar, Raghupathyjournal article11778
22009Handoff with DSP Support: Enabling Seamless Voice Communications across Heterogeneous Telephony Systems on Dual-Mode Mobile DevicesHsieh, Hung-Yun ; HUNG-YUN HSIEH ; Li, Chung-Wei; Lin, Hsiao-Pujournal article64
32016Minimizing Radio Resource Usage for Machine-to-Machine Communications through Data-Centric ClusteringHUNG-YUN HSIEH journal article1211
42013On Using Interference-Aware Spectrum Sensing for Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio NetworksHUNG-YUN HSIEH journal article6653
52014Optimizing Small Cell Deployment in Arbitrary Wireless Networks with Minimum Service Rate ConstraintsHUNG-YUN HSIEH journal article1916
62016Weakest-Link Coalition: Further Investigation on Cooperative Interference-Aware Spectrum Sensing and AccessHUNG-YUN HSIEH journal article32