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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12016A Reduced Parameter Stream Temperature Model (RPSTM) for basin-wide simulationsCheng, S.-T.; Wiley, M.J.; SU-TING CHENG Environmental Modelling and Software 88
22009Application of genetic programming to project climate change impacts on the population of Formosan Landlocked SalmonTung, C.-P.; Lee, T.-Y.; Yang, Y.-C.E.; Chen, Y.-J.Tung, Ching-Pin; Lee, Tsung-Yu; Yang, Yi-Chen E.; Chen, Yun-Ju; Tung, Ching-Pin ; CHING-PIN TUNG Environmental Modelling and Software 1412
32014Conservation planning to zone protected areas under optimal landscape management for bird conservationLin, Y.-P.; Huang, C.-W.; Ding, T.-S.; Wang, Y.-C.; Hsiao, W.-T.; Crossman, N.D.; Lengyel, S.; Lin, W.-C.; Schmeller, D.S.; YU-PIN LIN ; TZUNG-SU DING Environmental Modelling and Software 84
42012Software development of the TaIwan Multi-scale Community Ocean Model (TIMCOM)Young, C.-C.; Tseng, Y.-H.; Shen, M.-L.; Liang, Y.-C.; Chen, M.-H.; Chien, C.-H.; YU-HENG TSENG Environmental Modelling and Software 109