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12009Field strain feline coronaviruses with small deletions in ORF7b associated with both enteric infection and feline infectious peritonitisLin, C.-N.; Su, B.-L.; Huang, H.-P.; Lee, J.-J.; Hsieh, M.-W.; Chueh, L.-L.; HUI-PI HUANG ; JIH-JONG LEE journal article2221
22014Functional assessment of expiratory flow pattern in feline lower airway diseaseLin, C.-H.; Lee, J.-J.; Liu, C.-H.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; JIH-JONG LEE journal article55
32016Simultaneous visual inspection for barometric whole-body plethysmography waveforms during pulmonary function testing in client-owned catsLin, C.-H.; Wu, H.-D.; Lo, P.-Y.; Lee, J.-J.; Liu, C.-H.; JIH-JONG LEE journal article11