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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12010A generalized Mazur's theorem and its applicationsKI-SENG TAN ; Tan, Ki-Seng journal article88
21993Classification of All Parabolic Subgroup Schemes of a Reductive Linear Algebraic Group over an Algebraically Closed Field of Positive CharacteristicCHRISTIAN HELMUT WENZEL journal article160
32016Curvature decay estimates of graphical mean curvature flow in higher codimensionsMAO-PEI TSUI journal article33
42009Generalized Stark formulae over function fieldsChen, Hung; KI-SENG TAN ; Tan, K.-Sjournal article22
52010Hamiltonian stationary cones and self-similar solutions in higher dimensionYNG-ING LEE ; Lee, Y.I.; Wang, M.T.journal article1617
62016Liouville properties for p-harmonic maps with finite q-energySHU-CHENG CHANG journal article1210
72011Mean curvature flow of the graphs of maps between compact manifoldsReynolds, F.; Lee, Kuo-Wei; YNG-ING LEE ; Lee, Yng-Ing ; Chen, L. K.; Lin, C. J.; Huang, C. H.; Wang, M. H.; Lin, P. L.; Lee, C. N.; Sun, W. Z.journal article910
92002On crepant resolution of some hypersurface singularities and a criterion for UFDHUI-WEN LIN journal article
102006On the Cauchy problem of degenerate hyperbolic equationsCHANG-SHOU LIN journal article109
112018Pontryagin Duality for Iwasawa Modules and Abelian VarietiesLai, King Fai; Longhi, Ignazio; Tan, Ki-Seng ; Trihan, Fabien; 陳其誠 00
122018Special Values of Hypergeometric Functions and Periods of Cm Elliptic CurvesYang, Yifan ; 楊一帆 10
132014Stability of the minimal surface system and convexity of area functionalYNG-ING LEE journal article1
142014Stability of the minimal surface system and convexity of area functionalMAO-PEI TSUI journal article1
152012THE diameter estimate and its application to CR Obata's theorem on closed pseudohermitian (2n + 1)-manifoldsSHU-CHENG CHANG journal article33
162010The li-yau-hamilton inequality for yamabe flow on a closed CR 3-ManifoldSHU-CHENG CHANG ; Chang, Shu-Cheng ; Chiu, Hung-Lin; Wu, Chin-Tungjournal article120
172006The limiting absorption principle for the two-dimensional inhomogeneous anisotropic elasticity systemJENN-NAN WANG journal article21
182015The stability of self-shrinkers of mean curvature flow in higher co-dimensionYNG-ING LEE journal article85
192018Toda Systems and Hypergeometric EquationsWei, Juncheng; 林長壽 journal article00
202006Unique continuation for the two-dimensional anisotropic elasticity system and its applications to inverse problemsNakamura, Gen; JENN-NAN WANG ; Wang, Jenn-Nan journal article43