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12008A Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Analytical Approach to Mode Choice of Global Logistics ManagementJIUH-BIING SHEU journal article5044
21988A Large-Scale Multilocation Capacity Planning ModelCHANG-SUNG YU journal article2922
32005A Multi-Layer Demand-Responsive Logistics Control Methodology for Alleviating the Bullwhip Effect of Supply ChainsJIUH-BIING SHEU journal article3011
42014Alliance or No Alliance—Bargaining Power in Competing Reverse Supply ChainsJIUH-BIING SHEU ; Sheu J.-B.; Gao X.-Q.journal article3230
52010Environmental Safety Stock: The Impact of Regulatory and Voluntary Control Policies on Production Planning, Inventory Control, and Environmental PerformanceCHIA-LIN CHEN journal article3731
62014Evaluating corporate bonds with complicated liability structures and bond provisionsYUH-DAUH LYUU journal article33
71995Interdicting the activities of a linear program - A parametric analysisSHIH-CHI KU journal article54
82007Microscopic Modeling and Control Logic for Incident-Responsive Automatic Vehicle Movements in Single-Automated-Lane Highway SystemsJIUH-BIING SHEU journal article83
91991The k-neighbor domination problemGERARD JENNHWA CHANG journal article85
102013The Role of Store Brand Positioning for Appropriating Supply Chain Profit under Shelf Space AllocationCHIA-WEI KUO journal article118
111998The β-assignment problemsGERARD JENNHWA CHANG journal article
122009Using a family of critical ratio-based approaches to minimize the number of tardy jobs in the job shop with sequence dependent setup timesLI-CHEN FU ; Chiang, Tsung-Che; Fu, Li-Chen journal article2518