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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11997Differential Valuation Implications of Loan Loss Provision across Banks and Fiscal QuarteChi-Chu Liu; Stephen G. Ryan; James M. Wahle; CHI-CHUN LIU The Accounting Review 
22011Do Investors Understand Really Dirty Surplus?Wayne R. L; sman; Bruce L. Miller; Ken Peasnell; Shu Yeh; SHU YEH The Accounting Review 1213
32016Financial Reporting Quality of Chinese Reverse Merger Firms: the Reverse Merger Effect or the Weak Country Effect?Chen, Kun-Chih; Cheng, Qiang; Lin, Ying Chou; Lin, Yu-Chen; Xiao, Xing; Chen, Kun-Chih The Accounting Review 2631
41993Measuring Production Efficiency in a Not-for-Profit Setting: An ExtensionShu-Hsing Li; Yaw M. Mensah; SHU-HSING LI The Accounting Review 
52008The Effects of Employee Stock Options on Credit RatingsYen-Jung Lee; YEN-JUNG LEE The Accounting Review 2122
62013The Role of Financial Reporting Quality in Mitigating the Constraining Effect of Dividend Policy on Investment DecisionsRamalingegowda, S.; Chuan-San Wang; Y. Yu.; CHUAN-SAN WANG The Accounting Review 00
72002The Valuation Implications of Employee Stock Option Accounting for Profitable Computer Software FirmsTimothy Bell; Wayne L; sman; Bruce Miller; Shu Yeh; SHU YEH The Accounting Review 6361