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12006Activation of the transient receptor potential M2 channel and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase is involved in oxidative stress-induced cardiomyocyte deathMING-JAI SU; CHUNG-LIANG CHIENjournal article8278
22016Aiolos collaborates with Blimp-1 to regulate the survival of multiple myeloma cellsSHANG-YI HUANG journal article1313
32013CCN2 inhibits lung cancer metastasis through promoting DAPK-dependent anoikis and inducing EGFR degradationYUNG-MING JENG; Chang, C-C; SZE-KWAN LIN ; Yang, M-H; Lin, B-R; BEEN-REN LIN; Chen, S-T; CHIA-YU CHU; Pan, S-H; Hsiao, M.; Lai, T-C; Lin, S-K; Jeng, Y-M; Chu, C-Y; Chen, R-H; Yang, P-C; Chin, Y. Eugene; Kuo, M-L; ���� journal article1819
42004Decoy receptor 3 (DcR3) induces osteoclast formation from monocyte/macrophage lineage precursor cellsJYH-HORNG WANG; CHIA-RON YANG; WAN-WAN LINjournal article7068
52012Erratum: Phosphorylation of EBP50 negatively regulates Β-PIX-dependent Rac1 activity in anoikis (Cell Death and Differentiation (2012) 19 (1092) DOI: 10.1038/cdd.2012.29)TZUU-SHUH JOU journal article00
62011Integration of CNS survival and differentiation by HIF2αCHI-KUANG SUN journal article1617
72015LPS receptor subunits have antagonistic roles in epithelial apoptosis and colonic carcinogenesisLINDA CHIA-HUI YU; Kuo, W-T; Su, Tung-Hung; Lee, T-C; Chen, Pei-Jer; BEEN-REN LIN; Yen-Hsuan Ni; Yang, H-Y; Chen, C-Y; Au, Y-C; Lu, Y-Z; Wu, L-L; Wei, S-C; Ni, Y-H; Lin, B-R; Chen, Y.; Tsai, Y-H; Kung, J. T.; Sheu, F.; Lin, L-W; Yu, L. C-H; 蘇東弘; 陳培哲journal article2727
82012Phosphorylation of EBP50 negatively regulates Β-PIX-dependent Rac1 activity in anoikisTZUU-SHUH JOU journal article1010