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12001Efficacy of Exercise Training in Heart Transplant RecipientsSHOEI-SHEN WANGjournal article
22001Efficacy of Exercise Training in Heart Transplant RecipientsNai-Kuan Choujournal article
32004Muscle Strength of Operated and Non-operated Knees Following Unilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty in Female Patients — A Prospective StudyRONG-SEN YANG journal article
42001Physical Therapy Manpower in Taiwan Area in 2010TUNG-LIANG CHIANG journal article
52001Spinal Performance and Functional Impairment in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis and OsteopeniaRONG-SEN YANG journal article
62016The Effect of 6-Week Back Extensor and Core Muscle Exercises with Biofeedback on Spinal Curvature in Patients with Osteoporosis and OsteopeniaRONG-SEN YANG journal article00
72010The Effect of Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy with Pneumatic Compression for Breast Cancer-related LymphedemaCHIUN-SHENG HUANGjournal article
82016以家庭為中心的早期介入於新生兒類早老症之應用──個案報告WU-SHIUN HSIEH journal article00
92009使用左心室輔助器患者的運動能力與訓練SHOEI-SHEN WANGjournal article
102009使用左心室輔助器患者的運動能力與訓練Nai-Kuan Choujournal article
112008使用都卜勒超音波測量新生兒腦部血流速度HUNG-CHIEH CHOU journal article
122005冠狀動脈繞道手術病患接受門診運動訓練之成本效用分析SHOEI-SHEN WANG; 洪素鶯; 周正亮; 曹昭懿 ; 楊銘欽 ; 王水深; 吳英黛journal article
132010原發性肺動脈高壓患者運動能力與生活品質相關因素之探討HSAO-HSUN HSU journal article
142010嚴重阻塞性睡眠呼吸中止症患者其呼吸道發炎反應與肺功能之探討PEI-LIN LEE journal article
152016居家物理治療改善日常活動功能之因素分析MING-HSIA HU journal article00
162013脊髓損傷患者使用動力外骨骼行走之短期訓練計畫成效:前驅研究HUI-FEN MAO journal article00
172007臺灣全民健康保險制度下髖關節置換手術之醫療利用與費用RONG-SEN YANG journal article
182010診斷用超音波與理學檢查CHUEH-HUNG WUjournal article
192009轉移性骨癌:診斷與治療RONG-SEN YANG journal article
202004門診運動訓練對冠狀動脈繞道手術病患品質調整存活時間之影響SHOEI-SHEN WANG; 洪素鶯; 吳英黛; 曹昭懿 ; 週正亮; 楊銘欽 ; 王水深journal article