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12010Acute Appendicitis in PregnancyHAO-YU LIN 中華民國大腸直腸外科醫學會雜誌 
22008Cytomegalovirus Colitis in an Immunocompetent Patient: Report of a Case and Review of the LiteratureBEEN-REN LIN中華民國大腸直腸外科醫學會雜誌 00
32005Experience with Rectal ProlapseJi-Shiang Hung中華民國大腸直腸外科醫學會雜誌 00
42006Patient Factors Affecting the Pain Perception of Sedation-free Flexible SigmoidoscopyHONG-SHIEE LAI中華民國大腸直腸外科醫學會雜誌 
52014Prognosis of T0 and T1 Colorectal Cancer Following Surgical ResectionJi-Shiang Hung中華民國大腸直腸外科醫學會雜誌 00
62016Treatment Outcome of Colorectal Neuroendocrine TumorBEEN-REN LIN; Ji-Shiang Hung中華民國大腸直腸外科醫學會雜誌 00