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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12014A polarized Ca2+, diacylglycerol and STIM1 signalling system regulates directed cell migrationFENG-CHIAO TSAINature Cell Biology 126140
22007A reciprocal tensin-3-cten switch mediates EGF-driven mammary cell migrationKatz, M.; YI-CHUN LIAO et al. Nature Cell Biology 125136
32008Direct regulation of TWIST by HIF-1α promotes metastasisSHU-CHUN TENG Nature Cell Biology 854905
42016Engulfed cadherin fingers are polarized junctional structures between collectively migrating endothelial cellsHayer, Arnold; FENG-CHIAO TSAI; Shao, Lin; Chung, Mingyu; Joubert, Lydia-Marie; Yang, Hee Won; Tsai, Feng-Chiao; Bisaria, Anjali; Betzig, Eric; Meyer, TobiasNature Cell Biology 6589
52008ERK promotes tumorigenesis by inhibiting FOXO3a via MDM2-mediated degradationHUANG-CHUN LIENNature Cell Biology 459470
62009Erratum: p53 controls cancer cell invasion by inducing the MDM2-mediated degradation of Slug (Nature Cell Biology (2009))CHEN-TU WU ; YIH-LEONG CHANG; ANG YUAN; CHUNG-WU LINNature Cell Biology 00
72012External push and internal pull forces recruit curvature-sensing N-BAR domain proteins to the plasma membraneFENG-CHIAO TSAINature Cell Biology 6177
82016G9a/RelB regulates self-renewal and function of colon-cancer-initiating cells by silencing Let-7b and activating the K-RAS/β-catenin pathwayCha, Shih-Ting; MING-TSAN LIN; Cha, Shih-Ting; Tan, Ching-Ting ; CHIA-YU CHU; Chang, Cheng-Chi; Chu, Chia-Yu; Chu, Chia-Yu; Lee, Wei-Jiunn; Lee, Wei-Jiunn; Lin, Been-Zen; Lin, Ming-Tsan; Lin, Ming-Tsan; Kuo, Min-Liang; Kuo, Min-LiangNature Cell Biology 1418
92002Localizing the EGF receptor (multiple letters) [1]KENG-HSUEH LAN Nature Cell Biology 
102005Neddylation and deneddylation regulate Cul1 and Cul3 protein accumulationNature Cell Biology 129125