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12015Dermal dendritic cells, but not Langerhans cells, are critical in murine single epicutaneous sensitizationHSIEN-CHING CHIU; LI-FANG WANG ; Jau-Shiuh ChenExperimental Dermatology 66
22010N-acetylcysteine inhibits chromium hypersensitivity in coadjuvant chromium-sensitized albino guinea pigs by suppressing the effects of reactive oxygen speciesWang, B.-J.; Guo, Y.-L.; Chang, H.-Y.; Sheu, H.-M.; Pan, M.-H.; Lee, Y.-H.; Wang, Y.-J.; YUE-LIANG GUO; MIN-HSIUNG PAN Experimental Dermatology 1717
32016Suppressive effects of primed eosinophils on single epicutaneous sensitization through regulation of dermal dendritic cellsLI-FANG WANG Experimental Dermatology 33