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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12012Confronting tracker field quintessence with dataWang, Pao-Yu; Chen, Chien-Wen; Chen, Pisin; PISIN CHEN JCAP 
22010Constraining the Detailed Balance Condition in Horava Gravity with Cosmic Accelerating ExpansionChien-I Chiang, Je-An Gu, Pisin Chen*; PISIN CHEN JCAP 
32011Corrections to the apparent value of the cosmological constant due to local inhomogeneitiesAntonio Enea Romanoa,; Pisin Chen; PISIN CHEN JCAP 2733
42014Cosmological Perturbations in Unimodular GravityCaixia Gao,; Robert H Br; enberger,; Yifu Cai,; Pisin Chen; PISIN CHEN JCAP 
52015Cusp singularities in f(R) gravity : pros and consPisin Chen,; Dong-han Yeom; PISIN CHEN JCAP 
62013Feasibility of Determining Diffuse Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Neutrino Flavor Ratio through ARA Neutrino ObservatoryShi-Hao Wang,; Pisin Chen,; Melin Huang,; Jiwoo Nam,; PISIN CHEN JCAP 
72014Inflation as a Solution to the Early Universe Entropy Problem?Pisin Chen,; Po-Shen Hsin,; Niu, Yuezhen; PISIN CHEN JCAP 
82003Large N cosmologyPEI-MING HO; PEI-MING HO JCAP 1413
92011Solving the Cusp-Core Problem with a Novel Scalar Field Dark MatterKung-Yi Su, Pisin Chen; PISIN CHEN JCAP 
102012Spherically symmetric analysis on open FLRW solution in non-linear massive gravityChien-I Chiang,; Keisuke Izumia,; Pisin Chen,; PISIN CHEN JCAP