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12013A Recursive Dialogue Game Framework with Optimal Policy Offering Personalized Computer-Assisted Language LearningPei-hao Su; Yow-Bang Wang; Tsung-Hsien Wen; Tien-Han Yu; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 1
22011Bilingual Acoustic Model Adaptation by Unit Merging on Different Levels and Cross-Level IntegrationChing-Feng Yeh; Chao-Yu Huang; Lin-Shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 9
32007Extended Powered Cepstral Normalization (P-CN) with Range Equalization for Robust Features in Speech RecognitionChang-wen Hsu; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 
42010Improved Phoneme Recognition by Integrating Evidence from Spectro-temporal and Cepstral FeaturesShang-Wen Li; Liang-che Sun; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 3
52010Improved Spoken Term Detection by Discriminative Training of Acoustic Models based on User Relevance FeedbackHung-Yi Lee; Chia-Ping Chen; Ching-Feng Yeh; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 7
62010Improved Spoken Term Detection by Feature Space Pseudo-Relevance FeedbackChia-Ping Chen; Hung-Yi Lee; Ching-Feng Yeh; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 20
72011Improved Tonal Language Speech Recognition by Integrating Spectro-Temporal Evidence and Pitch Information with Properly Chosen Tonal Acoustic UnitsShang-Wen Li; Yow-Bang Wang; Liang-Che Sun; Lin-Shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 2
82009Mandarin Spontaneous Narrative Planning - Prosodic Evidence from National Taiwan University Lecture CorpusChiu-yu Tseng; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 7
92010Mandarin Tone Recognition using Affine Invariant Prosodic Feature and Tone PosteriorgramYow-Bang Wang; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 2
102013Recurrent Neural Network Based Language Model Personalization by Social Network CrowdsourcingLIN-SHAN LEE; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 14
112015Semantic Retrieval of Personal Photos using a Deep Autoencoder Fusing Visual Features with Speech Annotations Represented as Word/Paragraph VectorsHung-tsung Lu; Yuan-ming Liou; Hung-yi Lee; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 4
122013Speaking Rate Normalization with Lattice-based Context-dependent Phoneme Duration Modeling for Personalized Speech Recognizers on Mobile DevicesChing-Feng Yeh; Hung-yi Lee; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 2
132011Spoken Lecture Summarization by Random Walk over a Graph Constructed with Automatically Extracted Key TermsYun-Nung Chen; Yu Huang; Ching-Feng Yeh; Lin-Shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 21
142013Supervised Spoken Document Summarization Based on Structured Support Vector Machine with Utterance Clusters as Hidden VariablesSz-Rung Shiang; Hung-yi Lee; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 2
152011Unsupervised Hidden Markov Modeling of Spoken Queries for Spoken Term Detection without Speech RecognitionChun-An Chan; Lin-Shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 17
162010Unsupervised Spoken-Term Detection with Spoken Queries Using Segment-based Dynamic Time WarpingChun-An Chan; Lin-shan Lee; LIN-SHAN LEE Interspeech 37