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12011An Almost Ideal Elicitation Contingent Valuation MethodSu, Ming-Ta, Pei-Ing Wu,; Je-Liang Liou; PEI-ING WU journal article
22014Examination of the Diverse Views of Sustainable Development: An Approach to Monetize the Environment, Economy, and SocietyWu, Pei-Ing; Je-Liang Liou,; Ming-Ta Su; PEI-ING WU journal article
32013Reallocate CO2 Emission Reduction after Kyoto: Global Management with Efficiency and EquityWu, Pei-Ing; Ya-Chi Huang; Je-Liang Liou; PEI-ING WU journal article
42015Will Economic Growth of a Country be Impeded by Improved Corporate Environmental PerformancesYang, Shou-Lin; Pei-Ing Wu,; Chiung-Ying Lee; PEI-ING WU journal article