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12015Aggregation of Beta-Amyloid Peptides Proximal to Zwitterionic Lipid BilayersHWAN-CHING TAI journal article55
22012Antibacterial Activities of Tellurium NanomaterialsHUAN-TSUNG CHANG journal article3837
32016Bi-anchoring Organic Dyes that Contain Benzimidazole Branches for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: Effects of £k Spacer and Peripheral Donor GroupsBodedla G.B.; Thomas K.R.J.; Fan M.-S.; Ho K.-C. journal article2019
42017Boron-Functionalized Graphene Oxide-Organic Frameworks for Highly Efficient CO2 CaptureHaque E.; Islam M.M.; Pourazadi E.; Sarkar S.; Harris A.T.; Minett A.I.; Yanmaz E.; Alshehri S.M.; Ide Y.; Wu K.C.-W. ; Kaneti Y.V.; Yamauchi Y.; Hossain M.S.A.journal article1614
52014Chirality Control of Quadruple Helixes of Metal Strings by Peripheral Chiral LigandsBIH-YAW JIN journal article99
62008Combining light harvesting and electron transfer in silica-titania-based organic-inorganic hybrid materialsTIEN-YAU LUH ; Lin, C.-L.; Chen, C.-H.; Lim, T.-S.; Fann, W.; Luh, T.-Y.journal article44
72014Conjugated donor-acceptor-acceptor (D-A-A) molecule for organic nonvolatile resistor memoryDong, L.; Li, G.; Yu, A.-D.; Bo, Z.; Liu, C.-L.; Chen, W.-C.; WEN-CHANG CHEN journal article76
82014Coordination chemistry of highly hemilabile bidentate sulfoxide n-heterocyclic carbenes with palladium(Ü)SHIUH-TZUNG LIU journal article66
92013Diketopyrrolopyrrole-thiophene-based acceptor-donor-acceptor conjugated materials for high-performance field-effect transistorsLu, C.; Chen, W.-C.; WEN-CHANG CHEN journal article2729
102013Donor-acceptor oligoimides for application in high-performance electrical memory devicesLai, Y.-C.; Kurosawa, T.; Higashihara, T.; Ueda, M.; Chen, W.-C.; WEN-CHANG CHEN journal article1111
112012Fine tuning the performance of DSSCs by variation of the π-spacers in organic dyes that contain a 2,7-diaminofluorene donorBaheti, A.; Thomas, K.R.J.; Lee, C.-P.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article1716
122009Fine-tuning mesochannel orientation of organically functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticlesWang, S.-G.; Wu, C.-W.; Chen, K.; Lin, V.S.-Y.; KEVIN CHIA-WEN WU ; Wang, SG; Wu, CW; Chen, KM; Lin, VSYjournal article2422
132016High Performance Nonvolatile Transistor Memories Utilizing Functional Polyimide-Based Supramolecular ElectretsTung, W.-Y.; Li, M.-H.; Wu, H.-C.; Liu, H.-Y.; Hsieh, Y.-T.; Chen, W.-C. Journal Article56
142012Highly carboxylic-acid-functionalized ethane-bridged periodic mesoporous organosilicas: Synthesis, characterization, and adsorption propertiesKao, H.-M.; Kao, Hsien-Ming; KEVIN CHIA-WEN WUet al. ; Chung, Chih-Hsuan; Saikia, Diganta; Liao, Shih-Hsiang; Chao, Pei-Ying; Chen, Yu-Han; Wu, Kevin C.-W.journal article1818
152014Highly crystallized nanometer-sized zeolite a with large Cs adsorption capability for the decontamination of waterTorad, N.L.; Naito, M.; Tatami, J.; Endo, A.; Leo, S.-Y.; Ishihara, S.; Wu, K.C.-W.; Wakihara, T.; Yamauchi, Y.; KEVIN CHIA-WEN WU journal article2021
162010Hydrogen-bonding induced cooperative effect on the energy transfer in helical polynorbornenes appended with porphyrin-containing amidic alanine linkersTIEN-YAU LUH ; Liu, Zhi-Chang; Chen, Chih-Hsien; Wang, Hsian-Wen; Huang, Yen-Chin; Kao, Ming-Jui; Lim, Tsong-Shin; Luh, Tien-Yau journal article1516
172013Inorganic-organic hybrid nanoparticles with biocompatible calcium phosphate thin shells for fluorescence enhancementBastakoti, B.P.; Hsu, Y.-C.; Liao, S.-H.; Wu, K.C.-W.; Inoue, M.; Yusa, S.-I.; Nakashima, K.; Yamauchi, Y.; KEVIN CHIA-WEN WU journal article6161
182011New insights into keggin-type 12-tungstophosphoric acid from 31P MAS NMR analysis of absorbed trimethylphosphine oxide and DFT calculationsYING-CHIH LIN ; Huang, Shing-Jong; Yang, Chih-Yi; Zheng, Anmin; Feng, Ningdong; Yu, Ningya; Wu, Pei-Hao; Chang, Yu-Chi; Lin, Ying-Chih ; Deng, Feng; Liu, Shang-Binjournal article3836
192013Oligonorbornenes with hammock-like crown ether pendants as artificial transmembrane ion channelTIEN-YAU LUH journal article1010
202012Organic dyes containing pyrenylamine-based cascade donor systems with different aromatic π linkers for dye-sensitized solar cells: Optical, electrochemical, and device characteristicsThomas, K.R.J.; Kapoor, N.; Lee, C.-P.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article4038