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12011Diode-Like I-V Characteristics of a Nonplanar Polyaromatic Compound: a Spectroscopic Study of Isolated and Stacked Dibenzo g, p chryseneLee, Shern-Long; Huang, Min-Jie; Chen, Chun-hsien; Wang, Cheng- I.; Liu, Rai-Shung; RU-SHI LIU ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN Chemistry-an Asian Journal 88
22008Glycan arrays on aluminum-coated glass slidesTseng, Susan Y.; Wang, Cheng-Chi; Lin, Chin-Wei; Chen, Cheng-Lung; Yu, Wen-Yueh; Chen, Chung-Hsuan; Wu, Chung-Yi; Wong, Chi-Huey; Wen-Yueh Yu ; Tseng, Susan?Y.; Wang, Cheng-Chi; Lin, Chin-Wei; Chen, Cheng-Lung; Yu, Wen-Yueh ; Chen, Chung-Hsuan; Wu, Chung-Yi; Wong, Chi-HueyChemistry-an Asian Journal 1617
32015Light-Gated Molecular Brakes Based on Pentiptycene-Incorporated AzobenzenesTan, WS; Chuang, PY; Chen, CH; Prabhakar, C; Huang, SJ; Huang, SL; Liu, YH; Lin, YC; Peng, SM; Yang, JS; YING-CHIH LIN ; JYE-SHANE YANG Chemistry-an Asian Journal 1011
42014On the Size Evolution of Monolayer-Protected Gold Clusters during Ligand Place-Exchange Reactions: The Effect of SolventsKuo, Chun-Ting; Chen, Chiu-Feng; Gu, Meng-Wen; Su, Man-Nung; Huang, Jhih-Fong; Huang, Min-Jie; Chen, Chun-hsien; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN Chemistry-an Asian Journal 12
52010The N-Arylamino Conjugation Effect in the Photochemistry of Fluorescent Protein Chromophores and AminostilbenesHuang, Guan-Jhih; Yang, Jye-Shane; JYE-SHANE YANG Chemistry-an Asian Journal 2427