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12009A numerical model of infiltration processes for hysteretic flow coupled with mass conservationTan, Y.-C.; Ma, K.-C.; Chen, C.-H.; Ke, K.-Y.; Wang, M.-T.; YIH-CHI TAN Irrigation and Drainage 99
22008A Numerical Transport Model of Hysteretic Flow With General Mass ConservationYih-Chi Tan; Kuo-Chen Ma; Chu-Hui Chen; Kai-Yuan Ke; Ming-Tsan Wang; YIH-CHI TAN Irrigation and Drainage 
32009An optimal water allocation for an irrigation district in pingtung county, TaiwanCheng, Y.; Lee, C.-H.; Tan, Y.-C.; Yeh, H.-F.; YIH-CHI TAN Irrigation and Drainage 2119
42011Ecotechnologies applied to agricultural irrigation and drainage channels: Case study of the Taichung Irrigation Association in TaiwanShih, S.-S.; Hu, T.-J.; Lee, H.-Y.; Tan, Y.-C.; Shang-Shu Shih ; YIH-CHI TAN Irrigation and Drainage 10
52008Effect of hysteresis and rainfall intensity on finger dynamicsMa, K.-C.; Tan, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-H.; YIH-CHI TAN Irrigation and Drainage 21
62015Effects of Reclaimed Water on the Growth and Fruit Quality of CucumberCHEN-WUING LIU Irrigation and Drainage 21
72013Improving farmers' access to irrigation in the buffer zone: An effective way to conserve biodiveristy in the chitwan national parkAdhikari, K.R.; Tan, Y.C.; Lai, J.S.; Chen, Z.S.; Mishra, V.S.; ZUENG-SANG CHEN ; YIH-CHI TAN Irrigation and Drainage 00
82008On-farm remediation and fertility enhancement of cadmium-contaminated silt loam by electrokinetic treatment process in TaiwanChang, P.-W.; Tan, Y.-C.; Wang, I.-S.; YIH-CHI TAN Irrigation and Drainage 44
92010Using the behavior of seven amphibian species for the design of banks of irrigation and drainage systems in TaiwanHou, W.-S.; Chang, Y.-H.; Wang, H.-W.; Tan, Y.-C.; YIH-CHI TAN Irrigation and Drainage 64
102009Who benefits from allocating agricultural water to other sectors in Taiwan?Tan, Y.-C.; Lai, J.-S.; Adhikari, K.R.; Lu, A.Y.; YIH-CHI TAN Irrigation and Drainage 22