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12015Beneficial effect of continuous positive airway pressure on lipid profiles in obstructive sleep apnea: a meta-analysisLin, Ming-Tzer; PEI-LIN LEE; HSIEN-HO LIN ; Lin, Hsien-Ho ; Lee, Pei-Lin; Lee, Pei-Lin; Weng, Pei-Hsuan; Weng, Pei-Hsuan; Lee, Chang-Chun; Lee, Chang-Chun; Lai, Ting-Chun; Lai, Ting-Chun; Liu, Wei; Chen, Chi-Ling Sleep and Breathing 2527
22012C-reactive protein and heart rate recovery in middle-aged men with severe obstructive sleep apneaMENG-YUEH CHIEN; Chien, Meng-Yueh; PEI-LIN LEE; Lee, Peilin; Tsai, Yuan-Feen ; Yang, Pan-Chyr; Wu, Ying-TaiSleep and Breathing 1413
32011Retropalatal Müller grade is associated with the severity of obstructive sleep apnea in non-obese Asian patients: Retropalatal Müller grade and OSA in non-obeseChing-Ting Tan ; PEI-LIN LEESleep and Breathing 1112