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12010Angelman Syndrome: Finding the Lost ArcTai, H.-C.; Schuman, E.M.; HWAN-CHING TAI Cell 44
22004Complement-like protein TEP1 is a determinant of vectorial capacity in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiaeSHIN-HONG SHIAO; Blandin, S; Shiao, SH; Moita, LF; Janse, CJ; Waters, AP; Kafatos, FC; Levashina, EACell 418430
31993Hypermutability and mismatch repair deficiency in RER<sup>+</sup> tumor cellsWOEI-HORNG FANGCell 923976
42007NF-κB Is a Negative Regulator of IL-1β Secretion as Revealed by Genetic and Pharmacological Inhibition of IKKβLI-CHUNG HSU Cell 419455
52015Ribosome Excursions during mRNA Translocation Mediate Broad Branching of Frameshift PathwaysYan, S.; Wen, J.-D.; Bustamante, C.; Tinoco, I.; JIN-DER WEN Cell 5058
61993Spatially localized rhomboid is required for establishment of the dorsal-ventral axis in Drosophila oogenesisRuohola-Baker, H.; Grell, E.; Chou, T.-B.; Baker, D.; Jan, L.Y.; Jan, Y.N.; TZE-BIN CHOU Cell 125135
72006Specific Bacterial Suppressors of MAMP Signaling Upstream of MAPKKK in Arabidopsis Innate ImmunityHe, P.; Shan, L.; Lin, N.-C.; Martin, G.B.; Kemmerling, B.; T. Nu¨ rnberger; NAI-CHUN LIN Cell 298301
81998The C. elegans cell corpse engulfment gene ced-7 encodes a protein similar to ABC transportersWu, Y-C.; Horvitz, H.R.; YI-CHUN WU Cell 223226
91990The mouse lymph node homing receptor is identical with the lymphocyte cell surface marker Ly-22: Role of the EGF domain in endothelial bindingSiegelman, M.H.; Cheng, I.C.; Weissman, I.L.; Wakel; , E.K.; IVAN-CHEN CHENG Cell 97112
101995The torso receptor tyrosine kinase can activate raf in a ras-independent pathwayHou, X.S.; Chou, T.-B.; Meinick, M.B.; Perrimon, N.; TZE-BIN CHOU Cell 108110
112002Two distinct Pseudomonas effector proteins interact with the Pto kinase and activate plant immunityKim, Y.J.; Lin, N.-C.; Martin, G.B.; NAI-CHUN LIN Cell 212207
122011Unidirectional cross-activation of GRPR by MOR1D uncouples itch and analgesia induced by opioidsFENG-FANG TSAI Cell 167181
131992wingless signaling acts through zeste-white 3, the drosophila homolog of glycogen synthase kinase-3, to regulate engrailed and establish cell fateSiegfried, E.; Chou, T.-B.; Perrimon, N.; TZE-BIN CHOU Cell 329366