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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12014Autoencoder for wordsCHENG-YUAN LIOU Neurocomputing 161142
22013Automatic highlights extraction for drama video using music emotion and human face featuresLin, K.-S.; Lee, A.; Yang, Y.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Chen, H.H.; HOMER H. CHEN Neurocomputing 86
32015Confirming robustness of fuzzy support vector machine via ξ-α boundYang, C.-Y.; Wang, J.-J.; Chou, J.-J.; Lian, F.-L.; FENG-LI LIAN Neurocomputing 98
42008Conformal self-organizing map on curved seamless surfaceLiou, Cheng-Yuan; Kuo, Yen-Ting; Huang, Jau-Chi; CHENG-YUAN LIOU Neurocomputing 32
52008Modeling word perception using the Elman networkLiou, Cheng-Yuan; Huang, Jau-Chi; Yang, Wen-Chie; CHENG-YUAN LIOU Neurocomputing 9567
62013Robust classifier learning with fuzzy class labels for large-margin support vector machinesYang, C.-Y.; Chou, J.-J.; Lian, F.-L.; FENG-LI LIAN Neurocomputing 1918
72003Special issue on support vector machinesCampbell, C.; Lin, C.-J.; Keerthi, S.S.; Sanchez, V.D.A.; CHIH-JEN LIN Neurocomputing 41