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11997A 200-bp constructed inducible PR-1a promoter fusion to the Ac transposase gene drives higher transposition of a Ds element than the native PR-1a promoter fusion drivesCharng, Y.-C.; Ma, C.; Tu, J.; Kuo, T.-T.; YUH-CHYANG CHARNG Plant Science 55
22005A glycine-rich protein gene family predominantly expressed in tomato roots, but not in leaves and ripe fruitLin, W.-C.; Cheng, M.-L.; Wu, J.-W.; Yang, N.-S.; Cheng, C.-P.; Lin, WC; Cheng, ML; Wu, JW; Yang, NS; Cheng, CP*; CHIU-PING CHENG Plant Science 98
31996Construction and characterization of a Nicotiana plumbaginifolia genomic library in a yeast artificial chromosomeFENG-MING LEE Plant Science 33
42012Differential expression and functional characterization of the NADPH cytochrome P450 reductase genes from Nothapodytes foetidaHuang, F.-C.; Sung, P.-H.; Do, Y.-Y.; Huang, P.-L.; YI-YIN DO Plant Science 1820
52006Enhancement of growth and regeneration efficiency from embryogenic callus cultures of Oncidium 'Gower Ramsey' by adjusting carbohydrate sourcesJheng, F.-Y.; Do, Y.-Y.; Liauh, Y.-W.; Chung, J.-P.; Huang, P.-L.; YI-YIN DO Plant Science 4136
62004Establishment of expressed sequence tags from Taiwania (Taiwania cryptomerioides Hayata) seedling cDNAChen, Y.-R.; Lee, Y.-R.; Wang, S.-Y.; Chang, S.-T.; Shaw, J.-F.; Chu, F.-H.; FANG-HUA CHU Plant Science 1311
72013Expression QTL mapping in grapevine-Revisiting the genetic determinism of grape skin colourHuang, Y.-F.; Bertr, Y.; Guiraud, J.-L.; Vialet, S.; Launay, A.; Cheynier, V.; Terrier, N.; This, P.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Plant Science 1114
81995Fusion of the inducible promoter of the PR-1a gene to the Activator transposase gene can transactive excision of a non-autonomous transposable element by external and by internal stimuliCharng, Y.-C.; Pfitzner, U.M.; Pfitzner, A.J.P.; YUH-CHYANG CHARNG Plant Science 76
92007GASA4, a GA-stimulated gene, participates in light signaling in ArabidopsisChen, I.-C.; Lee, S.-C.; Pan, S.-M.; Hsieh, H.-L.; Chen, IC; Lee, SC; Pan, SM; Hsieh, HL; HSU-LIANG HSIEH Plant Science 1517
102008Generation and analyses of the transgenic potatoes expressing heterologous thermostable β-amylaseLin, K.-H.; Fu, H.; Chan, C.-H.; Lo, H.-F.; Shih, M.-C.; Chang, Y.-M.; Chen, L.-F.O.; HSIAO-FENG LO Plant Science 87
111995Isolation and characterization of a gibberellin-stimulated rice (Oryza sativa L.) gene encoding a protein that resembles a tumor suppressorKim, J.-K.; Chang, M.-C.; Nahm, B.-H.; Hwang, Y.-S.; Wu, R.; MEN-CHI CHANG Plant Science 56
122005Molecular analysis of lily leaves in response to salicylic acid effective towards protection against Botrytis ellipticaLu, Y. Y.; Chen, C. Y.; Lu, Y. Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN ; Chen, C. Y.Plant Science 3136
131998Overexpression of a Δ1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase gene and analysis of tolerance to water- and salt-stress in transgenic riceZhu, B.; Su, J.; Chang, M.; Verma, D.P.S.; Fan, Y.-L.; Wu, R.; MEN-CHI CHANG Plant Science 250196
142019The p38-like MAP kinase modulated H2O2 accumulation in wounding signaling pathways of sweet potatoLin, H.-H.; King, Y.-C.; Li, Y.-C.; Lin, C.-C.; Chen, Y.-C.; Lin, J.-S.; Jeng, S.-T. Plant Science 02
152014Phytoalexin biosynthesis genes are regulated and involved in plant response to Ralstonia solanacearum infectionLin, Y.-M.; Shih, S.-L.; Lin, W.-C.; Wu, J.-W.; Chen, Y.-T.; Hsieh, C.-Y.; Guan, L.-C.; Lin, L.; Cheng, C.-P.; CHIU-PING CHENG Plant Science 46
162006Plant ferredoxin-like protein (PFLP) exhibits an anti-microbial ability against soft-rot pathogen Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora in vitro and in vivoHuang, H.-E.; Ger, M.-J.; Chen, C.-Y.; Yip, M.-K.; Chung, M.-C.; Feng, T.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN ; Hsiang-En Huang; Mang-Jye Ger; Mei-Kuen Yip; Mei-Chu Chung; Teng-Yung FengPlant Science 1617
172007Stomatal closure, callose deposition, and increase of LsGRP1-corresponding transcript in probenazole-induced resistance against Botrytis elliptica in lilyLu, Y. Y.; Liu, Y. H.; Chen, C. Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN ; Lu, Y. Y.; Liu, Y. H.; Chen, C. Y.Plant Science 1818
181994The firefly luciferase gene as a reporter for in vivo detection of Ac transposition in tomato plantsCharng, Y.-C.; Pfitzner, A.J.P.; YUH-CHYANG CHARNG Plant Science 119
192006Two highly representative rice BAC libraries of japonica cv Tainung 67 suitable for rice structural and functional genomic researchLin, Y.-R.; Chow, T.-Y.; Luo, M.; Kudrna, D.; Lin, C.-C.; Wing, R.A.; Hsing, Y.-I.C.; YANN-RONG LIN Plant Science 00