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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12015ATLAS CollaborationStathes Paganis Nuclear Physics A 00
22005Baryon masses in lattice QCD with exact chiral symmetryTING-WAI CHIU Nuclear Physics A 4745
31999First results from the H<inf>0</inf> di-baryon search and hyperon production measurements by the AGS Experiment 896.Stathes Paganis Nuclear Physics A 70
42010PrefacePauchy Hwang, W.-Y.; He, X.-G.; XIAO-GANG HE Nuclear Physics A 00
51999Strange and multi-strange baryon measurement in Au + Au collisions at 11.6A(GeV/c) with the silicon drift detector array from the AGS experiment E896Lo Curto, G.; Albergo, S.; Bellwied, R.; Bennett, M.; Boemi, D.; Bonner, B.; Caccia, Z.; Caines, H.; Christie, W.; Cina'; Stathes Paganis Nuclear Physics A 10
62009The ATLAS CollaborationAad, G.; Stathes Paganis et al. Nuclear Physics A 00