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12009Absence of the density minimum of supercooled water in hydrophobic confinementZhang, Y.; Liu, K.-H.; Lagi, M.; Liu, D.; Littrell, K.C.; Mou, C.-Y.; Chen, S.-H.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Journal of Physical Chemistry B 3532
22018Adsorption of Bovine Serum Albumin on Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Surfaces in the Presence of Ions: A Molecular Dynamics SimulationShaikh, Abdul Rajjak; Karkhanechi, Hamed; Yoshioka, Tomohisa; Matsuyama, Hideto; Takaba, Hiromitsu; Wang, Da Ming Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2022
32004Approximate analytical expressions for the electrokinetic flow of a general electrolyte solution in a planar slit comprising dissimilar surfacesLin S.-H.; Hsu J.-P. ; Tseng S.Journal of Physical Chemistry B 00
42004Approximate Expression for the Critical Coagulation Concentration of a General Electrolyte SolutionHsu J.-P. ; Lin S.-H.; Tseng S.Journal of Physical Chemistry B 4
52010Aqueous dispersion of conjugated polymers by colloidal clays and their film photoluminescenceLan, Y.-F.; Lee, R.-H.; Lin, J.-J.; JIANG-JEN LIN Journal of Physical Chemistry B 87
62012Calcium-43 NMR Studies of Polymorphic Transition of Calcite to AragoniteHuang, Yu-Chieh; Mou, Yun; Tsai, Tim Wen-Tin; Wu, Yu-Ju; Lee, Hsin-Kuan; Huang, Shing-Jong; Chan, Jerry C. C.; CHUN-CHUNG CHAN Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2624
72006Catalytic-isomerization of quadricyclane using fourier transform near-infrared absorption sectroscopy: Diffusion, conversion, and temperature effectFan, H.-F.; Chang, C.-Y.; Chin, T.-L.; Ho, T.-I.; Lin, K.-C.; KING-CHUEN LIN Journal of Physical Chemistry B 23
82005Characterization and biomimetic study of a hydroxo-bridged dinuclear phenanthroline cupric complex encapsulated in mesoporous silica: Models for catechol oxidaseLee, C.-H.; Wong, S.-T.; Lin, T.-S.; Mou, C.-Y.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Journal of Physical Chemistry B 6668
92012Characterization of carotenoid aggregates by steady-state optical spectroscopyWang, C.; Berg, C.J.; Hsu, C.-C.; Merrill, B.A.; Tauber, M.J.; CHENG-CHIH HSU Journal of Physical Chemistry B 6768
102007Chemical size effect on the magnetic and electrical properties in the (Tb1-xEux)MnO3 (0 <= x <= 1.0) SystemChan, T. S.; Liu, R. S.; Yang, C. C.; Li, W. H.; Lien, Y. H.; Huang, C. Y.; Lee, J. F.; RU-SHI LIU Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2423
111999Comparison of the structures of ammonium myristate, palmitate, and stearate by X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, and infrared hole burningYu, G.-S.; Li, H.-W.; Holl; er, F.; Snyder, R.G.; Strauss, H.L.; HUNG-WEN LI Journal of Physical Chemistry B 1210
122001Conductivity of a concentrated spherical colloidal dispersionLee E.; Chih M.-H.; Hsu J.-P. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 12
132001Conductivity of a concentrated spherical colloidal dispersionLee E. ; Chih M.-H.; Hsu J.-P.Journal of Physical Chemistry B 12
141997Conjugated dual hydrogen bonds mediating 2-Pyridone/2-hydroxypyridine tautomerismPI-TAI CHOU Journal of Physical Chemistry B 7881
151998Conjugated dual hydrogen-bond mediating proton-transfer reaction in 3-hydroxyisoquinolineWei, C.-Y.; Yu, W.-S.; Chou, P.-T.; Hung, F.-T.; Chang, C.-P.; Lin, T.-C.; PI-TAI CHOU Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2628
162000Counterion effect in acid synthesis of mesoporous silica materialsLin, H.-P.; Kao, C.-P.; Mou, C.-Y.; Liu, S.-B.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105102
171998Critical coagulation concentration of a colloidal suspension at high particle concentrationsHsu J.-P. ; Liu B.-T.Journal of Physical Chemistry B 3028
182000Current efficiency of an ion-exchange membrane: Effect of piecewise continuous fixed charge distributionHsu J.-P. ; Ting K.-C.; Shieh Y.-H.Journal of Physical Chemistry B 9
191997Current efficiency of ion-selective membranes: Effects of local electroneutrality and Donnan equilibriumHsu J.-P. ; Liu B.-T.Journal of Physical Chemistry B 15
202008Density measurement of 1-D confined water by small angle neutron scattering method: pore size and hydration level dependencesLiu, D.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Wu, J.; Chen, C.-C.; Mou, C.-Y.; Chen, S.-H.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Journal of Physical Chemistry B 3331