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12014A magnetic and conductive study on a stable defective extended cobalt atom chainWang, Wen-Zhen; Wu, Yang; Ismayilov, Rayyat H.; Kuo, Juao-Hui; Yeh, Chen-Yu; Lee, Hsuan-Wei; Fu, Ming-Dung; Chen, Chun-hsien; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Peng, Shie-Ming; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN journal article
22015A new insight into the chemistry of iridium(iii) complexes bearing phenyl phenylphosphonite cyclometalate and chelating pyridyl triazolate: The excited-state proton transfer tautomerism via an inter-ligand PO-H⋯N hydrogen bondPI-TAI CHOU journal article
32012A novel triazidoruthenium(iii) building block for the construction of polynuclear compoundsXiang, J.; Jia, L.-H.; Man, W.-L.; Qian, K.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Yiu, S.-M.; Gao, S.; Lau, T.-C.; SHIE-MING PENG journal article
42014A spiroborate-based anionic bis-N-heterocyclic carbeneSu, J.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Chiu, C.-W.; CHING-WEN CHIU journal article
52012A water soluble and air-stable tripalladium clusterYang, F.-M.; Chen, P.-Y.; Lee, C.-C.; Liu, Y.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Chou, P.-T.; Liu, S.-T.; SHIUH-TZUNG LIU ; SHIE-MING PENG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article
62014Alkali metal salts of formazanate ligands: diverse coordination modes as a result of the nitrogen-rich [NNCNN] ligand backboneTravieso-Puente, Raquel; Chang, Mu-Chieh ; Otten, Edwinjournal article
72009Alternating ethylene-norbornene copolymerization catalyzed by cationic organopalladium complexes bearing hemilabile bidentate ligands of α-amino-pyridinesLin, Y.-C.; Yu, K.-H.; Huang, S.-L.; Liu, Y.-H.; Wang, Y.; Liu, S.-T.; Chen, J.-T.; SHIUH-TZUNG LIU journal article
82014An unexpected semi-hydrogenation of a ligand in the complexation of 2,7-bispyridinyl-1,8-naphthyridine with Ru3(CO)12Liao, B.-S.; Liu, Y.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Reddy, K.R.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T.; Liu, S.-T.; SHIUH-TZUNG LIU ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article
92016Asymmetric tetranuclear nickel chains with unidirectionally ordered 2-(α-(5-phenyl)pyridylamino)-1,8-naphthyridine ligandsTsou, L.-H.; Sigrist, M.; Chiang, M.-H.; Horng, E.-C.; Chen, C.-H. ; Huang, S.-L.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M. journal article
102009Blue-emitting Ir(III) phosphors with ancillary 4,6-difluorobenzyl diphenylphosphine based cyclometalateHung, Jui-Yi; Chi, Yun; Pai, I-Hsuan; Yu, Ya-Chien; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Chou, Pi-Tai; Wong, Ken-Tsung; Chen, Chung-Chia; Wu, Chung-Chih; CHUNG-CHIH WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article
112016Boron difluorides with formazanate ligands: redox-switchable fluorescent dyes with large stokes shiftsChang, M.-C. ; Chantzis, A.; Jacquemin, D.; Otten, E.journal article
122015Catalytic transfer hydrogenation and anticancer activity of arene-ruthenium compounds incorporating bi-dentate precursorsJIH-HWA GUH journal article
132009Clear evidence of electron delocalization: Synthesis, structure, magnetism, EPR and DFT calculation of the asymmetric hexanickel string complex containing a single mixed-valence (Ni2)3+ unitLiu, I.P.-C.; Chen, C.-F.; Hua, S.-A.; Chen, C.-H.; Wang, H.-T.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG journal article
142018A Co(II) framework derived from a tris(4-(triazol-1-yl)phenyl)amine redox-active linker: an electrochemical and magnetic studyNgue, C.-M.; Chiu, C.-W. ; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Leung, M.-K.; Yang, C.-I.; Liu, Y.-H.; Lu, K.-L.journal article
152014CO2 fixation by dicopper(II) complexes in hypodentate framework of N8O2Ho, Yi-Hsueh; Chang, Mu-Chieh ; Yu, Kuo-Hsuan; Liu, Yi-Hung; Wang, Yu; Cheng, Yuan-Chung; Chen, Jwu-Tingjournal article
162007Color tuning associated with heteroleptic cyclometalated Ir(iii) complexes: Influence of the ancillary ligandChang, Chau-Jiun; PI-TAI CHOU ; Yang, Cheng-Han; Chen, Kellen; Chi, Yun; Shu, Ching-Fong; Ho, Mei-Lin; Yeh, Yu-Shan; Chou, Pi-Tai journal article
172006Control of magnetic spin states by various mixed anionic ligands in trinickel complexes: Synthesis, crystal structures and physical propertiesHuang, M.-Y.; Yeh, C.-Y.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; SHIE-MING PENG journal article
182011Controlling the rotation of a complexed guest within a molecular cageYen, M.-L.; Chen, N.-C.; Lai, C.-C.; Liu, Y.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Chiu, S.-H.; SHIE-MING PENG ; Chiu, Sheng-Hsien journal article
192009Coordination chemistry and catalytic activity of N-heterocyclic carbene iridium(i) complexesFu, C. F.; Chang, Y. H.; Liu, Y. H.; Peng, S. M.; Elsevier, C. J.; Chen, J. T.; Liu, S. T.; SHIUH-TZUNG LIU ; SHIE-MING PENG journal article
202008Cyanide ion complexation by a cationic boraneChiu, C.-W.; Gabba?, F.P.; CHING-WEN CHIU journal article