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120020.8 V CMOS adiabatic differential switch logic circuit using bootstrap technique for low-voltage low-power VLSIJAMES-B KUO journal article2216
22013100 GHz transformer-coupled quadrature oscillatorSHEY-SHI LU journal article22
320022.4 GHz offset-cancelling down-conversion mixerTang, Chih-Chun; SHEN-IUAN LIU ; Li, Kun-Hsien; Liu, Shen-Iuan journal article42
4200830 GHz transformer-coupled and reused injection-locked VCO/divider in 0.13 μm CMOS processSHEY-SHI LU journal article21
519965V, 8bit, 100MS/S fully differential CMOS sample-and-hold amplifierHEN-WAI TSAO journal article
6200977GHz CMOS injection-locked Miller frequency dividerLuo, T.-N.; YI-JAN EMERY CHEN ; Bai, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-J.E.journal article87
720109.8mW CMOS frequency synthesiser for mode-I UWB transceiversSHEY-SHI LU journal article21
81999A Class of Multilevel Run-Length Limited Trellis CodesTang, Hung-Hua; MAO-CHAO LIN ; Lin, Mao-Chao journal article11
91999Analogue BiCMOS squarer and its applicationsSHEN-IUAN LIU journal article53
101994Analysis of scheduling parallel tasks on hypercube systemsSAO-JIE CHEN ; Lin, J. F.; Chen, Sao-Jie journal article00
111991Analysis of simultaneous digital and analogue signal transmissions in a coherent optical subcarrier multiplexed systemHEN-WAI TSAO journal article00
122013Analytic transient analysis of radiation from hyperboloid reflector antennas via surface curvature continuation of ellipsoidal surfacesHSI-TSENG CHOU journal article42
141997BPSK modulator using VCCS and resonator without carrier signal and balance modulatorHEN-WAI TSAO ; Chen, Juin-Hung; Tsao, Hen-Wai journal article
152008Broadband printed circularly-polarised aperture antenna array for millimetre-wave gigabit applicationsYI-CHENG LIN journal article21
161993Cache vector quantization algorithm in video compressionLIANG-GEE CHEN journal article00
171990Cascadable current-mode single CCII biquadsHEN-WAI TSAO journal article5351
182002Chaos in wavelength of tunable semiconductor laser diode with time-delayed Fabry-Perot feedbackDING-WEI HUANG journal article11
192001CMOS current-mode exponential-control variable-gain amplifierSHEN-IUAN LIU ; Chang, C.C.; Lin, M.L.; Liu, S.I.journal article3228
202003CMOS exponential function generatorLiu, Weihsing; SHEN-IUAN LIU ; Liu, Shen-Iuan journal article3248