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12009A microfabricated piezoelectric transducer platform for mechanical characterization of cellular eventsYU-HSIANG HSU Smart Materials and Structures 67
22012A point-wise fiber Bragg grating displacement sensing system and its application for active vibration suppression of a smart cantilever beam subjected to multiple impact loadingsChuang, Kuo-Chih; Ma, Chien-Ching; Liao, Heng-Tseng; Chuang, K.-C.; Ma, C.-C.; Liao, H.-T.; Chuang, Kuo-Chih; CHIEN-CHING MA ; Ma, Chien-Ching ; Liao, Heng-TsengSmart Materials and Structures 21
32012A sharp interface model of compatible twin patterns in shape memory alloysTsou, N.T.; Huber, J.E.; Shu, Y.C.; YI-CHUNG SHU Smart Materials and Structures 47
42009A temperature-dependent study on the polarization-free straining of barium titanate single crystalsYI-CHUNG SHU Smart Materials and Structures 33
52007An improved analysis of the SSHI interface in piezoelectric energy harvestingShu, Y.C.; Lien, I.C.; Wu, W.J.; YI-CHUNG SHU Smart Materials and Structures 253252
62013Analysis of an array of piezoelectric energy harvesters connected in seriesYI-CHUNG SHU Smart Materials and Structures 5857
72006Analysis of power output for piezoelectric energy harvesting systemsYI-CHUNG SHU Smart Materials and Structures 576531
82012Array of piezoelectric energy harvesting by the equivalent impedance approachShu, C.; Lien, I.C.; Shu, Y.C.; YI-CHUNG SHU Smart Materials and Structures 8784
92014Design and development of a novel bi-directional piezoelectric energy harvesterWEI-JIUN SU ; W Zu, J.Smart Materials and Structures 2624
102014Dynamically programmable surface micro-wrinkles on PDMS-SMA compositeKo, P.-L.; Chang, F.-L.; Li, C.-H.; Chen, J.-Z.; Cheng, I.-C.; Tung, Y.-C.; Chang, S.-H.; Lin, P.-C.; I-CHUN CHENG ; PEI-CHUN LIN Smart Materials and Structures 56
112010Effects of water content on the actuation performance of ionic polymer-metal compositesYeh, Cheng-Chia; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Shih, Wen-Pin Smart Materials and Structures 1716
122009Finite element and experimental results of transverse vibration for GT-cut and SC-cut quartz plates with fixed and free boundary conditions and multiple methods of excitationHuang, Y.-H.; Ma, C.-C.; Huang, Yu-Hsi; Ma, Chien-Ching; Huang, Yu-Hsi; CHIEN-CHING MA ; Ma, Chien-Ching Smart Materials and Structures 48
132015Finite element modeling of electrically rectified piezoelectric energy harvestersWu, P.H.; Shu, Y.C.; YI-CHUNG SHU Smart Materials and Structures 2830
142008Investigation of the Transient Behavior of a Cantilever Beam Using a Point-wise Fiber Bragg Grating Displacement Sensor SystemMa, Chien-Ching ; Chuang, Kuo-ChihSmart Materials and Structures 
152008Investigation of the transient behavior of a cantilever using a point-wise fiber Bragg grating displacement sensor systemCHIEN-CHING MA Smart Materials and Structures 1813
162010Revisit of series-SSHI with comparisons to other interfacing circuits in piezoelectric energy harvestingYI-CHUNG SHU ; Lien, I.C.; Shu, Y.C.; Wu, W.J.; Shiu, S.M.; Lin, H.C.Smart Materials and Structures 117120
172013Strain actuation of barium titanate single crystals under electromechanical loading in the non-polar [110] directionYI-CHUNG SHU Smart Materials and Structures 22
182004The health monitoring of a prestressed concrete beam by using fiber Bragg grating sensorsYung Bin Lin,; Kuo Chun Chang,; Jenn Chuan Chern,; L. A. Wang,; LON A. WANG Smart Materials and Structures 5357
192004The utilization of fiber Bragg grating sensors to monitor high performance concrete at elevated temperatureYung Bin Lin,; Jenn Chuan Chern,; Kuo-Chun Chang,; Yin-Wen Chan,; L. A. Wang,; LON A. WANG Smart Materials and Structures 03