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12012Addressing the identification problem in age-period-cohort analysis: A tutorial on the use of partial least squares and principal components analysisYU-KANG TU ; Tu, Yu-Kang ; Kraemer, Nicole; WEN-CHUNG LEE; Lee, Wen-ChungEpidemiology 
22004Air dioxins and heavy metals of the 36 primary schools surrounding three municipal waste incinerators in the Taipei basinPau-Chung CHEN Epidemiology 
31996Alternative summary indices for the receiver operating characteristic curveCHUHSING KATE HSIAO Epidemiology 
41996Alternative summary indices for the receiver operating characteristic curveLee, Wen-Chung; WEN-CHUNG LEE; Hsiao, Chuhsing Kate Epidemiology 
52010Assessing the impact of body size in childhood and adolescence on blood pressure: An application of partial least squares regressionYU-KANG TU Epidemiology 
62009Association Between Cotinine and Metals in Maternal and Cord Blood in Non-Smoking MothersPau-Chung CHEN Epidemiology 
72006Cancer in children of electronics industry employeesPau-Chung CHEN Epidemiology 
82012Completion potentials of sufficient component causesLee, Wen-Chung; WEN-CHUNG LEEEpidemiology 
92011Cost-effectiveness of Screening in an OutbreakPau-Chung CHEN ; WANG, I-JEN; CHEN, PAU-CHUNG ; WU, YU-NIAN; LIN, SHOEI-LOONG; 林水龍Epidemiology 
102011CYP1A1 Modifies the Effect of Maternal Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke on Child BehaviorPau-Chung CHEN Epidemiology 
112009Determinants Characterizing Adaptive Capability for Island-Wide Cardiovascular Mortality at Extreme Temperatures in TaiwanJINN GUEY LAY Epidemiology 
122004Do municipal waste incinerators induce adverse respiratory effects in school children?Pau-Chung CHEN Epidemiology 
132010Estimating pathogen-specific asymptomatic ratiosWEN-CHUNG LEE; WANG, TE-EN; LIN, CHIEN-YU; KING, CHWAN-CHUEN; LEE, WEN-CHUNGEpidemiology 
142014Global variation in the effects of ambient temperature on mortality: A systematic evaluationCHANG-FU WU ; YUE-LIANG GUO Epidemiology 
152009GSTM1 Modify the Effect of Cord Blood Cotinine on Neurodevelopment at Three Days of AgePau-Chung CHEN Epidemiology 
162013Hazard ratio bias in cohort studiesWEN-CHUNG LEE; Lin, Jia-Chun; Lee, Wen-ChungEpidemiology 
172006Herbal medicines used during the first trimester and major congenital malformations - an analysis of data from a pregnancy cohort studyPau-Chung CHEN Epidemiology 
182009Husbands' Drinking Behavior as a Risk Factor of Wives' Health-Related Quality of Life during the Postpartum PeriodPau-Chung CHEN Epidemiology 
192011In Utero Exposure to Neurotoxic Metals and Neurodevelopment at 2 Years of AgeChen, Yu-Chuan; Pau-Chung CHEN ; Liao, Hua-Fang; Hwang, Yaw-Huei ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Jeng, Suh-Fang; Su, Yi-Ning; Chen, Pau-Chung Epidemiology 
202009Investigation of Nephrolithiasis in Children with Tainted Chinese Dairy Product Consumption in TaiwanPau-Chung CHEN Epidemiology