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12004An estimate of the bottom compressional wave speed profile in the Northeastern South China Sea using "Sources of opportunity"CHAR-SHINE LIU journal article99
22012Analysis of attenuation measurements in ocean sediments using normal incidence chirp sonarTseng, Yao-Ting; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; Ding, Jian-Jiun ; Liu, Char-Shine journal article75
32002Coherent reflection of acoustic plane wave from a rough seabed with a random sediment layer overlying an elastic basementCHEN-FEN HUANG journal article32
42010Coupled ocean-acoustic prediction of transmission loss in a continental shelfbreak region: Predictive skill, uncertainty quantification, and dynamical sensitivitiesLermusiaux, P.F.J.; SEN JAN ; Xu, J.; YIING-JANG YANG ; Chiu, L.Y.; Chen, C.-F.; Jan, S.; Yang, Y.J.journal article3228
52015Estimating geoacoustic properties of surficial sediments in the north mien-hua canyon region with a chirp sonar profilerCHAR-SHINE LIU journal article97
62015Experimental and numerical studies of sound propagation over a submarine Canyon Northeast of TaiwanSEN JAN ; YIING-JANG YANG journal article96
72017Frequency Striations Induced by Moving Nonlinear Internal Waves and ApplicationsYang, T. C. ; Huang, Chen Fen ; Huang, Shan ; Liu, Jin Yuanjournal article44
82016Frequency Striations Induced by Moving Nonlinear Internal Waves and ApplicationsCHEN-FEN HUANG journal article44
92004Matched-field geoacoustic inversion of low-frequency source tow data from the ASIAEX East China Sea experimentHuang, C.F.; CHEN-FEN HUANG ; Hodgkiss, W.S.journal article2924
102018Real-Time Offshore Coastal Acoustic Tomography Enabled With Mirror-Transpond FunctionalityChen, Minmo; Syamsudin, Fadli; Kaneko, Arata; Gohda, Noriaki; Howe, Bruce M.; Mutsuda, Hidemi; Dinan, Aruni Hanifa; Zheng, Hong; CHEN-FEN HUANG ; Taniguchi, Naokazu; Zhu, Xiaohua; Adityawarman, Yudi; Zhang, Chuanzheng; Lin, Ju journal article23
112004Shelfbreak circulation and thermohaline structure in the northern South China Sea - Contrasting spring conditions in 2000 and 2001JOE WANG journal article1716
122004Solitons northeast of Tung-Sha island during the ASIAEX pilot studiesMING-HUEI CHANG journal article117106
132014Underwater slope measurement using a tilted multibeam sonar headGWO-SHYH SONG journal article44