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12014A Probabilistic Spatial Dengue Fever Risk Assessment by a Threshold-Based-Quantile Regression MethodChuan-Hung Chiu; Tzai-Hung Wen; Lung-Chang Chien; Hwa-Lung Yu; TZAI-HUNG WEN ; HWA-LUNG YU PLoS 108
22013The New Face of the Old Molecules: Crustin Pm4 and Transglutaminase Type I Serving as RNPs Down-Regulate Astakine-Mediated HematopoiesisYun-Tsan Chang; Cheng-Yung Lin; Che-Yiang Tsai; Vinu S. Siva; Chia-Ying Chu; Huai-Jen Tsai; Yen-Ling Song; CHIA-YING CHU PLoS 1711
32006Translation Repression in Human Cells by MicroRNA-Induced Gene Silencing Requires RCK/p54Chia-ying Chu; Tariq M Rana; CHIA-YING CHU PLoS 408394