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12002A Hierarchical Packet Fair Queueing-based ACK Spacing Mechanism for TCP/IP over Internet BackoneZSEHONG TSAI journal article
22012A suboptimal power-saving transmission scheme in multiple component carrier networksZSEHONG TSAI journal article42
32005An efficient void filling algorithm for WDM optical packet switches operating under variable-packet-length self-similar trafficHEN-WAI TSAO journal article113
42013Decode-and-Forward Relaying Schemes with Best-Node Selection under Outdated Channel State Information: Error Probability Analysis and ComparisonHSUAN-JUNG SU journal article00
51998Design and Analysis of the GCRA Traffic Shaper for VBRZSEHONG TSAI journal article20
62009Evolution and integration of medical laboratory information system in an Asia national medical centerCheng, Po-Hsun; JIN-SHIN LAI ; SAO-JIE CHEN ; Chen, Sao-Jie ; Lai, Jin-Shin ; 鄭伯壎 journal article21
72005Feature-based error concealment for object-based videoLIANG-GEE CHEN ; HOMER H. CHEN journal article33
82005Generalized variance-based markovian fitting for self-similar traffic modellingHEN-WAI TSAO journal article206
92010Hop-Based Energy Aware Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor NetworksKWANG-CHENG CHEN journal article2816
102013Interference Mitigation in CR-Enabled Heterogeneous NetworksKWANG-CHENG CHEN journal article11
111999Joint Blind Multipath Diversity Combining and PN Code Timing Recovery for Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum SystemsLin, Jia-Chin; LIN-SHAN LEE ; Lee, Lin-Shan journal article11
122010Mitigation of noise coupling in multilayer high-speed PCB: state of the art modeling methodology and EBG technologyWu, Tzong-Lin ; TZONG-LIN WU ; Fan, Jun; de Paulis, Francesco; Wang, Chuen-De; Scogna, Antonio Ciccomancini; Orlandi, Antoniojournal article1410
132005Noncoherent block detection of multiple-pulse equicorrelated modulation signalsCHAR-DIR CHUNG journal article00
142012OFDM channel estimation in the presence of receiver I/Q imbalance and cfo using pilot symbolsSEE-MAY PHOONG journal article50
152011On the effective throughput gain of cooperative diversity with a fast retransmission scheme for delay-sensitive flowsZSEHONG TSAI journal article00
162003Performance Analysis of A Generic GMPLS Switching Architecture with/without Flush CapabilityZSEHONG TSAI journal article00
172005Performance evaluation of feedback type WDM optical routers under asynchronous and variable packet length self-similar trafficHEN-WAI TSAO journal article21
182001Steady State Performance Analysis of MPLS Label SwitchingZSEHONG TSAI journal article64
192015Throughput Maximization for Wireless Relay Systems with AMC and HARQHSUAN-JUNG SU journal article00
202001WDFQ: An Efficient Traffic Scheduler with Fair Bandwidth-Sharing for Wireless Multimedia ServicesZSEHONG TSAI journal article62