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12010Caveolin-1 Regulates γ-Secretase-Mediated AβPP Processing by Modulating Spatial Distribution of γ-Secretase in MembraneKapoor, A.; Hsu, W.-M.; Wang, B.-J.; Wu, G.-H.; Lin, T.-Y.; Lee, S.-J.; Yen, C.-T.; Liang, S.-M.; Liao, Y.-F.; WEN-MING HSU; SHYH-JYE LEE ; CHEN-TUNG YEN Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 1618
22015Clinical dementia rating scale detects white matter changes in older adults at risk for Alzheimer's diseaseChang, Y.-L.; Yen, Y.-S.; Chen, T.-F.; Yan, S.-H.; Tseng, W.-Y.I.; Chang, Yu-Ling Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 11
32011Clinical phenotype of G206D mutation in the presenilin 1 gene in pathologically confirmed familial Alzheimer's diseaseTa-Fu Chen; Ming-Jang Chiu; MING-JEN LEEJournal of Alzheimer's Disease 55
42015Development and validation of the RxDx-dementia risk index to predict dementia in patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertensionCHU-LIN TSAIJournal of Alzheimer's Disease 1415
52010Folic acid potentiates the effect of memantine on spatial learning and neuronal protection in an alzheimer's disease transgenic modelTa-Fu Chen; Ming-Jang ChiuJournal of Alzheimer's Disease 2021
62015Regional cingulum disruption, not gray matter atrophy, detects cognitive changes in amnestic mild cognitive impairment subtypesChang, Yu-Ling ; Chang, Yu-Ling ; WEN-YIH TSENG; Chang, Y.L.; Chen, Ta-Fu; Chen, Ta-Fu; Chen, T.F.; YU-LING CHANG ; Shih, Y.C.; Shih, Yao-Chia; Chiu, M.J.; Chiu, Ming-Jang; Chiu, Ming-Jang; Yan, Sui-Hing; Yan, Sui-Hing; Yan, S.H.; Tseng, Wen-Yih Isaac; Tseng, Wen-Yih Isaac; Tseng, W.Y.I.Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 1114