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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12015A coherent modified Redfield theory for excitation energy transfer in molecular aggregatesHwang-Fu, Yu-Hsien; Chen, Wei; Cheng, Yuan-Chung; YUAN-CHUNG CHENG Chemical Physics 4745
22009An investigation of quantum transport by the free-electron network model: Resonance and interference effectsLiang-Yan Hsu; Bih-Yaw Jin; BIH-YAW JIN Chemical Physics 2929
32009Analytical expressions for the vibrational static second hyperpolarizability of polyacetyleneChia-Chun Chou; Bih-Yaw Jin; BIH-YAW JIN Chemical Physics 11
41996Coverage-, temperature-, and frequency-dependent broadband infrared reflectance change induced by CO adsorption on Pt(111)Kuhl, D.E.; Lin, K.C.; Chung, C.; Luo, J.S.; Wang, H.; Tobin, R.G.; KING-CHUEN LIN Chemical Physics 18
52013gamma-Ray radiolysis and theoretical study on radical ions of star-shaped oligofluorenes having a truxene or isotruxene as a coreFujitsuka, M.; Tojo, S.; Yang, J. S.; Majima, T.; JYE-SHANE YANG Chemical Physics 76
62010Photodissociation of gaseous propionyl chloride at 248 nm by time-resolved Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopyTsai, M.-T.; Liu, Y.-T.; Liu, C.-Y.; Tsai, P.-Y.; Lin, K.-C.; KING-CHUEN LIN Chemical Physics 108
72013Rotamers of m-chloroanisole studied by two-color resonant two-photon mass-analyzed threshold ionization spectroscopyHsin Chang Huang; Kui Shiu Shiung; Bih Yaw Jin; Wen Bih Tzeng; BIH-YAW JIN Chemical Physics 1212
82001Studies on the multiphoton ionization spectrum of the jet-cooled acetyl radical at 6.2-7.6 eVLi, R. H.; Wu, J. C.; Chang, J. L.; Chen, Y. T.; YIT-TSONG CHEN Chemical Physics 99
91996Theoretical study of isomeric structures and low-lying electronic states of the vinyl radical C2H3Wang, Jeng-Han; Chang, Hung-Chang; Chen, Yit-Tsong; YIT-TSONG CHEN Chemical Physics 4644