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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11992ABO genotyping by polymerase chain reactionJAMES CHUN-I LEEjournal article
22004Establishing the rDNA IGS structure of Cannabis sativaJAMES CHUN-I LEEjournal article
32014Fatal falls from height in TaiwanPeng, Tzu-An; TE-I WENG; Lee, Chien-Chang; CHIEN-CHANG LEE; Lin, Jasper Chia-Cheng; CHIA-TUNG SHUN; Shun, Chia-Tung; Shaw, Kai-Ping; Weng, Te I.journal article1210
42007Forensic applications of infrared imaging for the detection and recording of latent evidenceLin, AC; JAMES CHUN-I LEE; Hsieh, HM; Tsai, LC; Tsai, LC; Linacre, A; Linacre, A; Lee, JC; Lee, JCjournal article6147
51995Genotyping of the DQA1*4 alleles by restriction enzyme digestion of the PCR product from the AmpliTypeρ PM kitJAMES CHUN-I LEEjournal article
62006Species identification of Kachuga tecta using the cytochrome b geneJAMES CHUN-I LEEjournal article3223
72010Study of the cytochrome b gene sequence in populations of TaiwanLI-HUI TSENG ; JAMES CHUN-I LEE; HSIAO-LIN HWAjournal article97
82008The suicide mortality rates between 1997-1998 and 2000-2001 in Nantou County of Taiwan following the earthquake of September 21 in 1999WEN-CHUNG LEE journal article1511