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12010Efficient scattering simulations for equivalent extreme ultraviolet mask multilayer structures by modified transmission line theory and finite-difference time-domain methodKUEN-YU TSAI journal article22
22009Electromechanical behavior of the curled cantilever beamWEN-PIN SHIH ; Lin, Quei Yen; Chuang, Wan-Chun; Tsai, Yi-Lin; Hu, Yuh-Chung; Lee, Chi-Yuan; Liu, Ming-Che; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Lin, Wei-Cheng; Chang, Pei-Zen ; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Liaw, Shwu-Jen ; 廖淑貞 ; 薛博仁journal article1011
32010Fabrication and testing of surface ratchets primed with hydrophobic parylene and hexamethyldisilazane for transporting dropletsChung Y.-C.; Hess G.-Y.; Yeh F.-W.; Han H.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Lee C.-J.; Sheen H.-J ; Yang L.-J.Journal Article54
42011Fully model-based methodology for simultaneous correction of extreme ultraviolet mask shadowing and proximity effectsKUEN-YU TSAI journal article1716
52012New method of optimizing writing parameters in electron beam lithography systems for throughput improvement considering patterning fidelity constraintsKUEN-YU TSAI journal article03
62012New parametric point spread function calibration methodology for improving the accuracy of patterning prediction in electron-beam lithographyKUEN-YU TSAI journal article04
72011Non-delta-chrome optical proximity correction methodology for process models with three-dimensional mask effectsKUEN-YU TSAI journal article43
82009Vertical electrothermal actuator with separated metal and nitride structural layersJUI-CHE TSAI ; Tsai, Jui-che ; Lai, Ren-Jie; Yin, Chun-Yi; Chen, Dian-Sheng; Shen, Ching-Kai; Chang, Yao-Tienjournal article32
92013Void-based photonic crystal mirror with high-reflectivity and low-dissipation for extreme-ultraviolet radiationKUEN-YU TSAI journal article00