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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12012A cross-cultural study of students' approaches to professional dilemmas: Sticks or ripplesMING-JUNG HO Medical Education 4640
22008Can cultural competency self-assessment predict OSCE performance?Ho, Ming-Jung ; MING-JUNG HO ; Lee, Keng-Lin; Green, AlexanderMedical Education 55
32012Effectiveness of a virtual patient program in a psychiatry clerkshipCHEN-CHUNG LIU Medical Education 64
42014Effects of feedback from near-peers and non-medical professionals on portfolio useMING-JUNG HO Medical Education 35
52011How post-call resident doctors perform, feel and are perceived in out-patient clinicsCHEN-CHUNG LIU Medical Education 98
62013Integrations beyond integrationsMING-JUNG HO Medical Education 00
72011Online social networking versus medical professionalismMING-JUNG HO Medical Education 1110
82008Problem-based learning: Hidden curricular messages and cultural competenceMING-JUNG HO ; Ho, Ming-Jung ; Gaufberg, Elizabeth; Huang, William JMedical Education 76
92008Residents who stay late at hospital and how they perform the following dayCHEN-CHUNG LIU Medical Education 1314
102008Stigma: A curriculum to change attitudes, knowledge and skillsMING-JUNG HO Medical Education 11