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12002Aerosol penetration through silica gel tubesSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN Aerosol Science and Technology 22
22011Assessment of bioaerosol sampling techniques for viable Legionella pneumophila by ethidium monoazide quantitative PCRCHING-WEN CHANG Aerosol Science and Technology 1718
31996Axisymmetric thermophoresis of multiple aerosol spheresHUAN-JANG KEH Aerosol Science and Technology 67
42006Determination of uniformity of filter depositsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN Aerosol Science and Technology 44
52005Development of a size-selective inlet-simulating ICRP lung deposition fractionKuo, Yu-Mei; SHENG-HSIU HUANG ; Huang, Sheng-Hsiu ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Shih, Tung-Sheng; Chen, Chih-Chieh ; Weng, Yi-Mei; Lin, Wane-YunAerosol Science and Technology 1515
61999Evaluation of microbial samplers for bacterial microorganismsLi, Chih-Shan; CHING-WEN CHANG ; Li, C.C.; Hao, M.L.; Hao, Mei-Ling; Lin, Wen-Hai; Lin, W.H.; Chang, Ching-Wen ; Chang, C.W.; Wang, C.S.; Wang, Chiu-SenAerosol Science and Technology 8175
72010Experimental study on the effect of fiber orientation on filter qualitySHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; HUANG, SHENG-HSIU ; KUO, YU-MEI; CHANG, KUANG-NAN; CHEN, YU-KANG; LIN, WEN-YINN; LI, WAN-YU; CHEN, CHIH-CHIEH Aerosol Science and Technology 66
82001Experimental study on the loading characteristics of needlefelt filters with micrometer-sized monodisperse aerosolsCHIH-CHIEH CHEN Aerosol Science and Technology 
92001Experimental study on the loading characteristics of needlefelt filters with micrometer-sized monodisperse aerosolsSHENG-HSIU HUANG Aerosol Science and Technology 
102001Filtration characteristics of a miniature electrostatic precipitatorSHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN Aerosol Science and Technology 2423
111997Influence upon effusion of hydrophobic organic compounds (HOCS) from fog droplets: Surfactant, pH, and salt effectsLo, J.-H.A.; Lee, W.-M.G.; WHEI-MAY LEE Aerosol Science and Technology 
122003Loading characteristics of a miniature wire-plate electrostatic precipitatorHuang, Sheng-Hsiu ; SHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Chen, Chih-Chieh Aerosol Science and Technology 2323
132012Methods for detection and quantification of airborne legionellae around cooling towersCHING-WEN CHANG Aerosol Science and Technology 1515
141995Migration of aerosol spheres under the combined action of thermophoretic and gravitational effectsKeh, H.J.; Yu, J.L.; HUAN-JANG KEH Aerosol Science and Technology 1415
152013A Multidomain Magnetic Passive Aerosol Sampler: Development and Experimental EvaluationTA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol Science and Technology 00
162014Optimization of propidium monoazide quantitative PCR for evaluating performances of bioaerosol samplers for sampling airborne staphylococcus aureusAerosol Science and Technology 1112
172002Overall performance evaluation of aerosol number samplersCHIH-CHIEH CHEN Aerosol Science and Technology 33
182012Performance of CHROMagar staph aureus and CHROMagar MRSA for detection of airborne methicillin-resistant and methicillin-sensitive staphylococcus aureusAerosol Science and Technology 99
192014Performance of CHROMagar VRE medium for the detection of airborne vancomycin-resistant/sensitive enterococcus speciesAerosol Science and Technology 811
202007Precision evaluation of size-selective aerosol samplersChen, Chih-Chieh ; SHENG-HSIU HUANG ; Huang, Sheng-Hsiu ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; Hwang, Jing-Shiang; Lai, Chane-YuAerosol Science and Technology 11