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12014Air bubble-initiated biofabrication of freestanding, semi-permeable biopolymer membranes in PDMS microfluidicsLuo, X.; Wu, H.-C.; Betz, J.; Rubloff, G.W.; Bentley, W.E.; HSUAN-CHEN WU Biochemical Engineering Journal 2117
22009Bioremediation of n-alkanes and the formation of biofloccules by Rhodococcus erythropolis NTU-1 under various saline conditions and sea waterLiu, C.W.; Chang, W.N.; Liu, H.S.Liu, CW; Chang, WN; Liu, HS; CHIH-WEN LIU Biochemical Engineering Journal 2923
32013Characterization, extraction and purification of lutein produced by an indigenous microalga Scenedesmus obliquus CNW-NChan M.-C.; Ho S.-H.; Lee D.-J. ; Chen C.-Y.; Huang C.-C.; Chang J.-S.Biochemical Engineering Journal 7972
42009Composition of culture medium is more important than co-culture with hepatic non-parenchymal cells in albumin production activity of primary rat hepatocytes, and the effect was enhanced by hepatocytes spheroid culture in collagen gelIjima, H.; Kakeya, Y.; Yokonuma, T.; Hou, Y.-T.; Takei, T.; YUNG-TE HOU Biochemical Engineering Journal 109
52012Development of growth factor-immobilizable material for hepatocyte transplantationWei Fang; YUNG-TE HOU Biochemical Engineering Journal 1010
62010Development of hepatocyte-embedded hydrogel-filled macroporous scaffold cultures using transglutaminaseIjima, H.; Hou, Y.-T.; Takei, T.; YUNG-TE HOU Biochemical Engineering Journal 1010
72018Enhanced electricity generation and organic matter degradation during three-chamber bioelectrochemically assisted anaerobic composting of dewatered sludgeYu H.; Jiang J.; Zhao Q.; Kabutey F.T.; Zhang Y.; Wang K.; Lee D.-J. Biochemical Engineering Journal 55
82013Examining the inhibitory actions of copolypeptides against amyloid fibrillogenesis of bovine insulinKao C.-Y.; Lai J.-K.; Lin T.-H.; Lin Y.-J.; Jan J.-S.; Wang S.S.-S. Biochemical Engineering Journal 11
92013Human £^D-crystallin aggregation induced by ultraviolet C irradiation is suppressed by resveratrolWu J.W.R.; Kao C.-Y.; Lin L.T.W.; Wen W.-S.; Lai J.-T.; Wang S.S.S. Biochemical Engineering Journal 43
102012Improved operating policy utilizing aerobic operation for fermentation process to produce bio-ethanolChang, D.-M.; Wang, T.-H.; Chien, I.-L.; Hwang, W.-S.; I-LUNG CHIEN Biochemical Engineering Journal 33
112006A kinetic study on the aggregation behavior of £]-amyloid peptides in different initial solvent environmentsWang S.S.-S. ; Chen Y.-T.; Chen P.-H.; Liu K.-N.Biochemical Engineering Journal 1916
122013Microalgae-based carbohydrates for biofuel productionChen C.-Y.; Zhao X.-Q.; Yen H.-W.; Ho S.-H.; Cheng C.-L.; Lee D.-J. ; Bai F.-W.; Chang J.-S.Biochemical Engineering Journal 427366
132009Primary rat hepatocytes form spheroids on hepatocyte growth factor/heparin-immobilized collagen film and maintain high albumin productionYUNG-TE HOU Biochemical Engineering Journal 1617
142013Production of elemental sulfur from sulfide and nitrate-laden wastewaters by methanogenic culture via sulfide denitrifying removal processNanda J.; Whiteley C.G.; Chang J.-S.; Lee D.-J. Biochemical Engineering Journal 98
152018A rapid and efficient technique for direct extraction of C-phycocyanin from highly turbid Spirulina platensis algae using hydrophobic interaction chromatography in stirred fluidized bedChen K.-H.; Wang S.S.-S. ; Show P.-L.; Lin G.-T.; Chang Y.-K.Biochemical Engineering Journal 1311
162006Step change of mobile phase flow rates to enhance protein folding in size exclusion chromatographyWang S.S.-S. ; Chang C.-K.; Liu H.-S.Biochemical Engineering Journal 1120