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12009A micromachined v-band CMOS bandpass filter with 2-db insertion-lossChang, J.-F.; Lin, Y.S.; Huang, P.-L.; Lu, S.-S.; SHEY-SHI LU Electronic Components and Technology Conference 50
22009Coupling coefficient improvement for inductor coupled vertical interconnect in 3D IC die stackingLu, H.-C.; Wu, G.-M.; Pan, C.; Chou, Y.-T.; HSIN-CHIA LU Electronic Components and Technology Conference 10
32007Eleciromagnetic shielding performance for a 2.5 Gb/s plastic transceiver module using dispersive multiwall carbon nanotubesChang, C.-M.; Chiu, J.-C.; Yeh, C.-Y.; Jou, W.-S.; Lan, Y.-F.; Fang, Y.-W.; Lin, J.-J.; Cheng, W.-H.; JIANG-JEN LIN Electronic Components and Technology Conference 30
42008High electromagnetic shielding of multi-wall carbon nanotube composites using ionic liquid dispersantChiu, J.-C.; Chang, C.-M.; Lin, J.-W.; Cheng, W.-H.; Lan, Y.-F.; Lin, J.-J.; JIANG-JEN LIN Electronic Components and Technology Conference 30
52014Low loss transmission lines on flexible COP substrate by standard lamination processLiou, C.-H.; Lu, H.-C.; Lin, Y.-F.; Chuang, S.-K.; Ko, W.-C.; Hu, J.-P.; HSIN-CHIA LU Electronic Components and Technology Conference 30
62012Low slow-wave effect and crosstalk for low-cost ABF-coated TSVs in 3-D IC interposerChang, Y.-J.; YI-CHANG LU ; TZONG-LIN WU ; YIH-PENG CHIOU et al. Electronic Components and Technology Conference 90
72009Passively mode-locked lasers using saturable absorber incorporating dispersed single-wall carbon nanotubesChiu, J.-C.; Lan, Y.-F.; Kang, J.-J.; Chang, C.-M.; Haung, Z.-S.; Yeh, C.-Y.; Lee, C.-K.; Lin, G.-R.; Lin, J.-J.; Cheng, W.-H.; GONG-RU LIN ; JIANG-JEN LIN Electronic Components and Technology Conference 50
82011Realization of virtual 126-core system with thermal sensor-network using metallic thermal skeletonsChien, J.-H.; Lung, C.-L.; Tsai, K.-J.; Hsu, C.-C.; Chen, T.-S.; Chou, Y.-F.; Chen, P.-H.; Chang, S.-C.; Kwai, D.-M.; PING-HEI CHEN Electronic Components and Technology Conference 00
92012Soldering reactions under space confinement for 3D IC applicationsTSUNG-LIN YANG Proceedings - Electronic Components and Technology Conference 100