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12013A novel twin reactor for CO2 photoreduction to mimic artificial photosynthesisLee, W.-H.; Liao, C.-H.; Tsai, M.-F.; Huang, C.-W.; Wu, J.C.S.; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 7366
22007Decomposition of gas-phase toluene by the combination of ozone and photocatalytic oxidation process (TiO2/UV, TiO2/UV/O3, and UV/O3)Yu, K.-P.; Lee, G.W.M.; WHEI-MAY LEE Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 11699
32018A dual-function photocatalytic system for simultaneous separating hydrogen from water splitting and photocatalytic degradation of phenol in a twin-reactorLi D.; Yu J.C.-C.; Nguyen V.-H.; Wu J.C.S. ; Wang X.Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 3435
42009Free-standing TiO2 nanotube array films sensitized with CdS as highly active solar light-driven photocatalystsLin, Chin Jung; YA-HSUAN LIOU ; Yu, Yi Hsien; Liou, Ya Hsuan Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 9586
52012Mesoporous Fe-doped TiO 2 sub-microspheres with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light illuminationYA-HSUAN LIOU Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 4343
62017Openmouthed £E-SiC hollow-sphere with highly photocatalytic activity for reduction of CO2 with H2OWang Y.; Zhang L.; Zhang X.; Zhang Z.; Tong Y.; Li F.; Wu J.C.-S. ; Wang X.Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 5656
72018Ordered mesoporous Au/TiO 2 nanospheres for solvent-free visible-light-driven plasmonic oxidative coupling reactions of aminesYang J.; Mou C.-Y. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 7170
82012Performance comparison of CO 2 conversion in slurry and monolith photoreactors using Pd and Rh-TiO 2 catalyst under ultraviolet irradiationOla, O.; Maroto-Valer, M.; Liu, D.; MacKintosh, S.; Lee, C.-W.; Wu, J.C.S.; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 7370
92009Photo-enhancement of Cr(VI) reduction by fungal biomass of Neurospora crassaLin, Y.C.; Wang, S.L.; Shen, W.C.; Huang, P.M.; Chiang, P.N.; Liu, J.C.; Chen, C.C.; Tzou, Y.M.; Lin, Y.C.; SHAN-LI WANG ; WEI-CHIANG SHEN ; Wang, S.L.; Shen, W.C.; Huang, P.M.; Chiang, P.N.; Liu, J.C.; Chen, C.C.; Tzou, Y.M.Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 1413
102017Photocatalytic CO2 reduction over V and W codoped TiO2 catalyst in an internal-illuminated honeycomb photoreactor under simulated sunlight irradiationXiong Z.; Lei Z.; Ma S.; Chen X.; Gong B.; Zhao Y.; Zhang J.; Zheng C.; Wu J.C.S. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 5757
112001Photodegradation of aromatic pollutants in water over TiO2 supported on molecular sievesHsien, Y.-H.; Chang, C.-F.; Chen, Y.-H.; Cheng, S.; SOO-FIN CHENG Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 230218
122002Photoreduction of CO2 using sol-gel derived titania and titania-supported copper catalystsTseng, I.-H.; Chang, W.-C.; Wu, J.C.S.; JEFFREY CHI-SHENG WU Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 494461
132017Selective photocatalytic reduction of CO2 into CH4 over Pt-Cu2O TiO2 nanocrystals: The interaction between Pt and Cu2O cocatalystsXiong Z.; Lei Z.; Kuang C.-C.; Chen X.; Gong B.; Zhao Y.; Zhang J.; Zheng C.; Wu J.C.S. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 155152
142014Structural and catalytic properties of supported Ni-Ir alloy catalysts for H2 generation via hydrous hydrazine decompositionHe, L.; Huang, Y.; Liu, X.Y.; Li, L.; Wang, A.; Wang, X.; Mou, C.-Y.; Zhang, T.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 10199
152013Synthesis and catalysis of copper sulfide/carbon nanodots for oxygen reduction in direct methanol fuel cellsShih, Zih-Yu; Periasamy, Arun Prakash; Hsu, Pin-Che; Chang, Huan-Tsung; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 5452
162007The adsorption and catalytic transformations of chromium on Mn substituted goethiteWu, W.-C.; Wang, S.-L.; Tzou, Y.-M.; Chen, J.-H.; Wang, M.-K.; SHAN-LI WANG Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 3029
172017Titania nanosheet photocatalysts with dominantly exposed (001) reactive facets for photocatalytic NOx abatementYu J.C.-C.; Nguyen V.-H.; Lasek J.; Wu J.C.S. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 5148
182006Tungstated zirconia catalyzed bromination of phenol red under nearly neutral solutionWong, S.-T.; Hwang, C.-C.; Mou, C.-Y.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 3532
192017Ultrasmall gold nanoparticles confined in zeolite Y: Preparation and activity in CO oxidationChen Y.-H.; Mou C.-Y. ; Wan B.-Z.Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2927