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12014The demonstration of colossal magneto-capacitance and 'negative' capacitance effect with the promising characteristics of Jg-EOT and transistor's performance on Ge (100) n-FETs by the novel magnetic gate stack scheme designLiao, M.-H. ; Huang, S.C.; Liu, C.Y.; Chen, P.G.; Kao, S.C.; Lien, C.Symposium on VLSI Technology 30
22014The demonstration of D-SMT stressor on Si and Ge n-FinFETsLiao, M.-H. ; Chen, P.G.; Huang, S.C.; Kao, S.C.; Hung, C.X.; Liu, K.H.; Lien, C.; Liu, C.Y.Symposium on VLSI Technology 60
31990On-line process optimization and control using the sequential design of experimentsSachs, E.; Guo, R.-S. ; Ha, S.; Hu, A.Symposium on VLSI Technology 100
42014Paper memory by all printing technologyLien, D.-H.; Kuo, Z.-K.; Huang, T.-H.; Liao, Y.-C.; Lee, S.-C.; He, H.; YING-CHIH LIAO ; SI-CHEN LEE Symposium on VLSI Technology 10
52012Sub-fM DNA sensitivity by self-aligned maskless thin-film transistor-based SoC bioelectronicsChen, M.-C.; CHIH-TING LIN et al. Symposium on VLSI Technology 10