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12002A-type granites in northeastern China: Age and geochemical constraints on their petrogenesisBOR-MING JAHN Chemical Geology 13001122
22012Age, geochemical characteristics and petrogenesis of Late Cenozoic intraplate alkali basalts in the Lut-Sistan region, eastern IranPang, K.-N.; Chung, S.-L.; Zarrinkoub, M.H.; Mohammadi, S.S.; Yang, H.-M.; Chu, C.-H.; Lee, H.-Y.; Lo, C.-H.; SUN-LIN CHUNG ; CHING-HUA LO Chemical Geology 8378
32003Ar dating and geochemical characteristics of late Cenozoic basaltic rocks from the Zhejiang-Fujian region, SE China: Eruption ages, magma evolution and petrogenesisHo, K.-S.; Chen, J.-C.; Lo, C.-H.; Zhao, H.-L.; CHING-HUA LO Chemical Geology 145134
42000Argon release mechanisms of biotite in vacuo and the role of short-circuit diffusion and recoilLo, C.-H.; Lee, J.K.W.; Onstott, T.C.; CHING-HUA LO Chemical Geology 5752
51996Coesite-bearing eclogites from the Bixiling Complex, Dabie Mountains, China: Sm-Nd ages, geochemical characteristics and tectonic implicationsBOR-MING JAHN Chemical Geology 
61999Crust-mantle interaction induced by deep subduction of the continental crust: Geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic evidence from post-collisional mafic-ultramafic intrusions of the northern Dabie complex, central ChinaJahn, B.-M.; Wu, F.; Lo, C.-H.; Tsai, C.-H.; BOR-MING JAHN ; CHING-HUA LO Chemical Geology 974876
72009Deglacial variations of Sr and 87Sr/86Sr ratio recorded by a stalagmite from Central China and their association with past climate and environmentZhou, H.; Feng, Y.-x.; Zhao, J.-x.; Shen, C.-C.; You, C.-F.; Lin, Y.; CHUAN-CHOU SHEN Chemical Geology 4037
81997Depleted-mantle source for the Ulungur River A-type g-ranites from North Xinjiang, China: Geochemistry and Nd-Sr isotopic evidence, and implications for Phanerozoic crustal growthBOR-MING JAHN Chemical Geology 
92010Detrital zircon U-Pb and Hf isotopic data from the Xigaze fore-arc basin: Constraints on Transhimalayan magmatic evolution in southern TibetWu, F.-Y.; Ji, W.-Q.; Liu, C.-Z.; Chung, S.-L.; SUN-LIN CHUNG Chemical Geology 323297
102013Energy yields from chemolithotrophic metabolisms in igneous basement of the Juan de Fuca ridge flank systemHUEI-TING LIN Chemical Geology 2424
111994Evidence for submarine weathering from metamorphosed weathering profiles on basaltic rocks, Tananao Metamorphic Complex, TaiwanYui, Tzen-Fu; CHIA-YU LU ; Wu, Tsai-Way; CHING-HUA LO ; Wang, Yunshuen; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Lu, Chia-Yu Chemical Geology 1312
122013Evolution and origin of the Miocene intraplate basalts on the Aleppo Plateau, NW SyriaCHING-HUA LO Chemical Geology 2223
131996Geochemical characterization of the Luochuan loess-paleosol sequence, China, and paleoclimatic implicationsBOR-MING JAHN Chemical Geology 
142012Geochemical perspectives on mantle dynamics and plate interactions in Asia - A special issue in honor/memory of Dr. Shen-su SunSUN-LIN CHUNG Chemical Geology 00
152001Geochemistry of the Xining, Xifeng and Jixian sections, Loess Plateau of China: Eolian dust provenance and paleosol evolution during the last 140 kaBOR-MING JAHN Chemical Geology 329307
162007High precision measurements of Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca ratios in carbonates by cold plasma inductively coupled plasma quadrupole mass spectrometryCHUAN-CHOU SHEN ; Shen, Chuan-Chou ; MEI-FEI CHU ; Chiu, Han-Yi; KUO-YEN WEI ; Chiang, Hung-Wei; Chu, Mei-Fei ; Wei, Kuo-Yen ; Steinke, Stephan; Chen, Min-Te; Lin, Yu-Shih; Lo, LiChemical Geology 1920
172002Influence of the Yangtze River and grain size on the spatial variations of heavy metals and organic carbon in the East China Sea continental shelf sedimentsSAULWOOD LIN ; Lin, Saulwood ; Hsieh, I-Jy; Huang, Kuo-Ming; Wang, Chung-HoChemical Geology 263249
182011Intra-oceanic island arc origin for Iratsu eclogites of the Sanbagawa belt, central Shikoku, southwest JapanBOR-MING JAHN Chemical Geology 3735
191994Late Cenozoic basaltic volcanism around the Taiwan Strait, SE China: Product of lithosphere-asthenosphere interaction during continental extensionSUN-LIN CHUNG ; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Sun, Shen-su; Tu, Kan; Chen, Cheng-Hong; Lee, Chi-YuChemical Geology 160152
202014Lithium and boron isotope systematics in lavas from the Azores islands reveal crustal assimilationMEI-FEI CHU Chemical Geology 4444